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25 Interesting Warrior Cats Facts by Masha Baranova on Prezi.

Fun Facts Warrior Cats has many characters and many plot points, and along the way some interesting things have been revealed. The main writers have also revealed certain facts on tour, on their own websites and other place. 11 Character Facts 6 Facts about Warrior Cats Concepts. 1. When a Starclan cat fades away, it is reborn as a kit from any Clan they choose. 2. The term 'Clans' and their names were invented by Graywing just before he died. 3. The border between Starclan and the Dark Forest is a.

Warrior cats facts 1: Patchpelt and Willowpelt are mates, even though they are siblings.2: Graystripe and Darkstripe are half brothers.3: Briarlight loved Jayfeather.4: In into the wild, Graystripe says that Darkstripe is older then the young and pretty Spottedleaf,.5: Graystipe will most. Aug 23, 2014 · Warrior Cats Fun Facts. OMG 10.000 VEIWS~~~~~ THANK YOU SO MUCH~~~~ I realize now that these are headcannons. But most of them were actually proven to be true on the Warriors Wiki~~ NOTHING BELONGS TO ME. Another thing you might want to check out is a video about Tigerstar’s bloodline which I posted just recently. 2 good cats Pinestar is a kittypet and Leopardfoot is a good cat giving birth to the most evillest cat in the series! And Princess knowing Fireheart's warrior name before he told her. They actually say it was from Tigerstar's damage but yeah. Nobody knows a full-detailed version of Firestar's death. Warrior Cats Fun Facts Warrior Cats Clans Warrior Cats Funny Warrior Cats Fun Facts Posts Facebook Warrior Cats Fun Facts Youtube Top 10 Warrior Cats Facts You Probably Didn T Know Youtube. Warrior Cat Fun Facts Youtube.

Do you know about warrior cats? Well let's put you up to the test! This quiz is about things that happened in the warriors series. Top Ten Things You Would Tell These Warrior Cats If you had to say something to these warrior cats what would you say? The Top Ten. 1 Bangerpaw/fang. 8 Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of BloodClan. He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin.

Jul 14, 2015 · -Leopardstar is a 'drypaw' which in RiverClan means a cat who refuses to get wet. - Squirrelflight requested the -leaf suffix for Hollyleaf's warrior name because she was thinking of Leafpo. These are just a few fun facts and things you really need to know about Firestar from Warrior Cats. The Name that Warrior Cat! quiz. Quizzes Create a quiz Progress: 1 of 11 questions. Do you know who's who in Warrior Cats? Take this quiz and find out! I wanted to be a warrior. My pelt is black and white. I died in a dog attack. Who am I? Bluestar Swiftpaw Brightpaw.

Warrior Cats Facts!

Warrior Cats Fun Facts - Pusat Hobi.

Aug 19, 2016 · Cats have 32 muscles that control the outer ear humans have only 6. A cat can independently rotate its ears 180 degrees. [12] A cat’s nose pad is ridged with a unique pattern, just like the fingerprint of a human. [5] If they have ample water, cats can tolerate temperatures up to 133 °F. [9]. The six cats hurry back, but on the way, they meet some cats in the mountains known as the Tribe of Rushing Water. The tribe is being hunted by a large mountain cat, named Sharptooth. mountain lion. Fireheart is my favourite Warrior Cats character and I'm sure that you all like him too, so here is a quiz all about his life, from the time that he was called Rusty, to the time he became clan leader! Based on the "Warriors" books by Erin Hunter. Play Warrior Cats quizzes on Sporcle, the world's largest quiz community. There's a Warrior Cats quiz for everyone. Warrior Cats Fun Facts. 1,230 likes · 1 talking about this. Here we will have some fun facts, maybe you know them, maybe you won't:3.

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