Jeunesse Global: Working Inside and Out For Clients and Team Members

Jeunesse Global is a unique company that values their clients as much as their team of independent distributors. The business model is based off of a direct sales platform, and the focus is on products that maintain and enhance youth. Jeunesse Global offers skincare products and nutritional supplements in many forms. Their products contain some proprietary ingredients, which have been researched by scientists and dermatologist. They strive to achieve results and work to remain ahead of any competition.

One product in the skincare lineup is Instantly Ageless. As the name implies, it works fairly rapidly. When applied to wrinkles, it reduces and minimizes the lines. Areas that it is effective on are around the eyes and eyebrows. Some of the lines it can help reduce are crow’s feet, bags, and brow wrinkles. Apply the cream to the forehead directly on the marks between the eyebrows and the lines above the brows. The cream comes in a vial, which makes it easy to apply and convenient to carry or travel with. One technique to achieve the desired effects is to dab a small amount of the cream to the intended area. Smooth with your fingertip or a cotton swab then do not move the area until the solution has dried. Avoid movements, such as smiling, laughing, or squinting, until it has set. It only takes two to three minutes to set, and this is why it is called Instantly Ageless.

In Jeunesse Global lineup of supplements, Reserve is one of the most convenient to take. It is packaged in small gel packs that you can tear off the top and then squeeze the concentrated solution into your mouth. It is youth enhancing because it is infused with antioxidants, and these help the body combat the damaging effects of free radicals. The gel gets heart-healthy properties from resveratrol, which is a natural product found in dark colored fruits. Some of the fruits in Reserve are purple grapes, cherries, blueberries, and pomegranates. Other ingredients include aloe vera and green teas. You can consume the packets once or twice daily, and there are no artificial sugars, dyes, or flavorings.