Alex Pall:EDM Has Always Been My Life

Alex has always been into EDM. He started off DJing as a side gig in New York and before he knew it, he was playing at different art galleries within the city. With the help of his manager, at the time, who he still is in collaboration with, Alex Pall began to take his job more serious than fun. He met his current partner Drew after he had just moved from Maine. Drew was in college when they met.

According to what he’s seen over the last few years of his experience, Alex believes that being in a duo is an advantage and a disadvantage in their industry of work. According to him, the world of DJing and being a producer has over 1 million people all trying to do one thing: make the most unique beat and the most unique sound.

Social media is one major platform that has managed to help Alex Pall and his partner Drew find out what kind of impact they have in the music industry. From the Philipines to South Africa, Alex and his partner have fans as young as 6 to as old as 55.

They make music that pleases them and they are able to project it out to the people in a way that will appeal to them and have them humming to the beat. In truth, being a producer in the EDM world is not easy, but the passion to be different driver Alex Pall and his partner to great extents of being able to produce music that overcomes any age, race or preference.

Another thing a lot of his fans are not aware of is that sometimes, Alex can write the lyrics to the whole beat with his partner or in some instances, he will help the song writter come up with a rhythm to the beat they have been able to create. In doing this, Alex is actively aware of the kind of feeling and sense that is put in the music to be able to project it to his fans during a show.