Parapharyngeal Space Infection //
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Infections in the parapharyngeal space usually originate in the tonsils or pharynx, although local spread from odontogenic sources and lymph nodes may occur. Abscess swelling can compromise the airway. A parapharyngeal abscess, roughly defined as an infection of the parapharyngeal space, is seen after dissemination of other more common deep neck space infections for example peritonsillar, tonsillar, or retropharyngeal abscesses, as well as tonsillitis [1] [2] [3], or previous upper respiratory tract infections [4], but it may be the primary source of infection as well [5].

The parapharyngeal space also termed the lateral pharyngeal space, is a potential space in the head and the neck. It has clinical importance in otolaryngology due to parapharyngeal space tumours and parapharyngeal abscess developing in this area. It is also a key anatomic landmark for localizing disease processes in the surrounding spaces of the neck; the direction of its displacement indirectly reflects. Due to its position, the parapharyngeal space is likely to contract and transmit infections that stem from the teeth, the maxilla, the mandible and the pharynx, including the.

Deep neck space infections most commonly arise from a septic focus of the mandibular teeth, tonsils, parotid gland, deep cervical lymph nodes, middle ear, or sinuses. These deep cervical space infections have become relatively uncommon in the post-antibiotic era. Lateral pharyngeal also known as parapharyngeal or pharyngomaxillary space infections see Figure 16 Symptoms and signs are dominated by primary source of infection i.e., odontogenic or oropharyngeal versus rhinogenic or otogenic. Apr 12, 2018 · Infection may enter this space directly, as with traumatic perforations of the posterior pharyngeal wall or esophagus, or indirectly, from the parapharyngeal space. More than 60% of retropharyngeal.

Jan 03, 2016 · A retropharyngeal abscess is a serious infection deep in the neck, generally located in the area behind the throat. In children, it usually starts in the lymph nodes in the throat. A. The infection is easily diagnosed as there is often marked cheek swelling, trismus is not severe Figure 17 and there are often carious bicuspid or molar teeth. More spe- cifically the abscess manifests as loss of the nasolabial skin fold, a rounded, tender cheek swelling, and swelling of the lower eyelid Figure 17. The retropharyngeal space is a potential space of the head and neck, bounded by the buccopharyngeal fascia anteriorly and the alar fascia posteriorly. It contains the retropharyngeal lymph nodes. Because serious infections of teeth can spread down this space into the posterior mediastinum, it is often confused with the danger space.

parapharyngeal space and retropharyngeal abscess which is infection and accumulation of purulent discharge within the retropharyngeal space. The parapharyngeal space is defined as an inverted pyramid, the base coinciding with the skull base and the apex located at the greater cornu of the hyoid bone1. It is bounded. Deep neck infections include peritonsillar abscess, retropharyngeal abscess, and lateral pharyngeal space infection also known as pharyngomaxillary or parapharyngeal space infection. Lateral pharyngeal space infection most often arises via contiguous spread of infection from a.

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