Dr. Sergio Cortes’ Advice Flood Disease Prevention

According to Exam,recent flooding of Xerem has prompted Dr. Sergio Cortes to take action and educate the general public about potential diseases caused by contaminated floodwater, crowded areas, and virus-ridden mosquitoes. Once garbage in the cities has come into contact with the water spread over the area, it can poison reserves of drinking water and cause serious illnesses. There are also concerns for development of the spread of common disease when large amounts of people are crowded together.

Cortes advises on Atanews the survivors of the flood to drink only bottled water or water imported from outside the flood-affected region. He encourages residents to treat their water tanks with sodium hydrohlorite supplied by the various shelters set up in Xerem to aid in this crisis and urges those donating not to forget to send bottled water.

In an agreement between the principal government departments aiding in the crisis, the state is sending another calamity kit and is issuing 3000 antibiotic tablets for prevention of leptospiros. It has also sent a supply of sodium hydrochlorite for the decontamination of water supplies. All health actions of Xerem will be kept track of by the Situation Room, and there will be volunteers prepared in the appropriate protocols and prevention of disease at designated areas. There will also be a convention of the National Health Force.

Cortes also encourages on niteroi.gov the prevention of the spread of the viruses zika and chikungunya, which are spread through mosquito bites. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so flooding exacerbates a problem that is already a concern to the exemplary doctor. He urges those still near the flood area to take measures against the bites of all stinging insects by wearing protective clothing, wearing bug-spray, and hanging mosquito nets. The symptoms identifying zika and chikungunya are high temperature, muscle pain and discoloration of the skin. Upon contracting one of these viruses, hydration is the key to recovery to be followed by exercise.

Dr. Sergio Cortes was born in 1971, is a former secretary of Rio de Janeiro, and is a sports celebrity. Go to these links to follow him: LinkedIn and Twitter.