Venezuela Moves Clock Forward To Save Electricity

A country already blanketed by blackouts, water shortages and government ordered power conservation. Venezuela will be taking the entire country forward in time by 30 minutes, starting May 1, 2016.
In an effort to save energy during peak usage hours, Venezuela will be leaping forward in time to combat energy consumption. This move forward in time reverses the 2007 presidential decision to turn the clocks back by a half an hour, to allow children to wake for school, with the sun already risen.

Normally, two-thirds of Venezuela’s energy is produced at the Guri Dam power station. This year severe drought has crippled the power making capacities of the hydroelectric plant. El Nino has been blamed for the continued drought conditions and its devastating effects.

This time change will allow peak use hours in the evening to have more sunlight and cut back daily use of electricity. All residents like Osio are being asked to take part in conservation.

In a world that consumes oil, at a rate that would lead you to believe in unlimited supply, Venezuela has opted not burn their supply to generate electricity.
Calling the use of the country’s vast stock of crude oil, as a power source, “inefficient.”

Residents are being encouraged to save energy by using the sun to dry clothes and to utilize hairdryers only on special occasions. President Nicola Maduro going so far as to declare Fridays, non working days, for the next 60 days to help create less stress on an already stressed system.