The rise in popularity of Talkspace

Talkspace, an online therapy platform with over 500,000 users and over 1000 healthcare professionals, has recently signed a deal with health care provider giant Magellan Health. Magellan Health is planning to provide access to the service to people on their healthcare plans.

Oren Frank founded Talkspace in 2012 after growing frustrated by his inability to reach out to more mental health patients. He decided to find a way to provide mental health care remotely online and developed Talkspace.

Talkspace allows users to interact with therapists in a number of ways. Users can talk through daily scheduled text messages, through real-time text conversations, or through half-hour long video chat sessions.

Talkspace is cheaper and more efficient than the standard therapy office visit. Whereas traditional therapy can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month, Talkspcae charges anywhere from $32-$49 a week, depending on the desired plan. Some plans are solely text-based, while others implement video chats and phone calls.

Oren Frank is able to show proof that online therapy is effective. A study of some 90,000 veterans who were given access to online therapy showed that when online therapy is available the number of incidents related to mental health decline by 25 percent.

Frank also hopes that by providing access to mental health care to everyone will erase the stigma once associated with therapy.