I Signed Up For FreedomPop Services When I Moved

I spent a whole day in my new place reading a FreedomPop review as well as other reviews that talked about cell phone companies. I was anxious to get my cell phone service on again but had no idea which of the many companies in town I would choose. After spending time looking into FreedomPop, I knew what I had to do. What I like about FreedomPop is that I can order anything from their website, including cell phones, tablets, and different services. I decided to sign up for cell phone service online because I already had my Internet service turned on, and I received my phone within a matter of days.

I also chose FreedomPop because of the low prices they offer, especially since their prices are much lower when compared to other companies. I did do some calling around to check prices, and FreedomPop has the lowest price that I’v found, which is only $20 per month for their cell phone service. Every other company was starting at $50 a month for the unlimited services that FreedomPop was offering me, so I would’ve been a fool if I chose to pay $30 more per month for cell phone service.

I didn’t really care whether I got 4G data on my phone or not because I don’t use data as much as the next person might. As long as my GPS is able to run the way it should, I’m happy with my cell phone. I have a lot of running around to do in town, and since I’m new to the area, I just need to make sure that my phone service can allow me constant access to my GPS, which is what FreedomPop does. I’ve had perfect call connectivity throughout the time I’ve been using FreedomPop, so I am enjoying the service.

Another service from FreedomPop I decided to get is the Wi-Fi service because it’s only five dollars, which is more than affordable. There are so many locations in town that have FreedomPop hotspots that I can stop at a café or even at a park and still be able to get FreedomPop Wi-Fi service. My five dollars a month that’s paid to FreedomPop gives me unlimited Wi-Fi at 4G speeds, and I’m able to share that Wi-Fi with some of my other devices. FreedomPop is a company that makes me very happy because their services are great.

Reference Link: https://techcrunch.com/tag/freedompop/

Keeping People Safe With New Technology

The company which provides the technology that helps to keep us safe, Securus Technologies introduced a way that families can visit their loved ones who are locked up. It’s called Securus Video Visitation. With this app families can visit their loved one without stepping out from the comforts of their homes. The app has been very popular so far. This free mobile app can be downloaded on an Android phone or on all Apple products. On the Android phone, the app has already been downloaded a little more than sixty thousand times since August. The Apple already has five thousand and that was only the first week of February.

The Vice President Of Marketing, Russel Roberts thought it was about time that someone who is locked up and their family have a different way to communicate. Gone are the days when families would have to stand on long lines, before being allowed in to see their loved one. Or talking on the phone, not being able to see each other. The Securus Video Visitation can give the inmate some peace of mind and, for those with young children who are not permitted a visit, this is something wonderful.

Securus Technologies a for profit company, it is based in Dallas, Texas, began operating in 1986. They are keeping police and correctional officers safe around the United States. They provide emergency responses,giving public information and identification study. They also have deals with about 2,600 prisons in the United States,this would be roughly 1,200,000 people who are incarcerated, just to touch on a few of their services. Why? Because they want it to be safe for all. 

The app is available on Google play and the google app store. Just a reminder, one will have to open an account. This new app will allow one to per-schedule visits and one will even get a reminder call. It works with your service plan and even can be use with WIFI.

Securus Technologies is not a part of the health product Securus nor the site Securus America that specializes in connecting agencies.

Another site that Securus is often mistaken for is Securus House which is a domestic violence center.

FreedomPop’s Growth is Massive and Global

FreedomPop is back in the news. Anyone who wants to stay in the communications loop while traveling the globe is going to be interested in the news. Re/Code is reporting FreedomPop has raised $50 million to expand a global hotspot for travelers going from one country to another. Phone calls, text messaging, and accessing the internet can all be done via the hotspot. No one has to lose touch with the GPS when driving. Nor does anyone have to be in the dark and unable to place important calls.

The money raised by FreedomPop is intended to set up a hotspot that is present in 25 countries. In order to access the hotspot, a subscriber has to pay a $49 startup fee. Anyone in need of a SIM card can buy one for $10. As the article notes, these fees are very small in comparison to the huge fees the major telecommunications services charge.

FreedomPop keeps its famously low prices down by avoiding spending huge money on advertising. Even by relying on word of mouth alone, FreedomPop has done tremendously well in the market.

FreedomPop is based out of Los Angeles, and the company has quickly grown to become of a popular budget phone service. A finite amount of free phone, text, and data are made available to customers per month. Additionally monthly costs deliver expanded service. Even the paid plans are quite reasonable. Additionally reasonable are the great discounts on name brand smartphones sold through FreedomPop. A pre-Black Friday sales offered high-end Samsung and Motorola smartphones at incredibly low prices.

FreedomPop was launched with startup capital and continues to raise more. Look for various new products, services, and developments from the company as it continues to grow in the market. And that market is a global one.