Evolution of Smooth Chapstick

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) has created a new trend for all chapstick users. EOS has been seen in tabloids and in your favorite celebrities hands for about seven years now. Many people ask how did they do it? Chapstick from other companies have been taking over drug stores for many years, so why would someone risk a business on something that is already established years with other companies? At the link here, EOS opened up how they went about their plan.

Chapstick has always came in that famous cylinder tube until EOS hit the market. The company did research that proved that most of the consumers of chapstick is women that use it daily as their beauty regime. Instead of sticking with the basic tubes, EOS lip balm decided to spice things up by removing the need to use your fingers to apply your lip balm and have a fun round rube to be a part of your everyday beauty care. The creators created a soft, round beauty tube that appeals to your senses from smelling amazing to having a cute case. The marketing company would then make evolutionofsmooth products chapstick affordable for consumers and competitive for the market by only pricing each unit around three dollars.

EOS then chose to appeal to millennials as their target audience. They had an advantage in doing this by using the media influences to market their product. Famous people began using the product along with everyday beauty bloggers on YouTube and Facebook promoting the cute, affordable product for women. Since the creation of the round EOS chapstick, other developers have tried placing their products in the round tube to boost their sales. EOS emerged as a household product and still uses catchy saying and media to influence the sales to their audiences.

Check out the product gallery on https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/.

Branding Your Company with Wikipedia

Branding your business is one of those intangible assets that you can’t really put a value on. However, it is important not to be mislead into thinking this means that it has no value. Branding is something that is important to every business. It is the thing that makes consumers turn to you, rather than your competitors, when they are in need of the products or services you offer. While they may not immediately make a purchase as soon as they become aware of your company, proper branding ensures that your business will be sitting in the back of their mind.

Companies that are working to brand their company through increasing their online presence should not overlook the value of creating a Wikipedia page. With businesses like Get Your Wiki, it is quick and easy to develop a page that will draw more attention to your business. Wikipedia is viewed as a valuable source of information and is often the first place consumers turn to check facts. Having a Wikipedia page shows consumers that your business is important. It also increases the likelihood that they will think of your business when they are in need of what you offer.

When you make a Wikipedia page to brand your company its important that your page provides factual information about your company without trying to push consumers to make a purchase. This helps to build the consumer’s trust in your business. The writers and editors at Get Your Wiki have experience in creating Wikipedia pages that do just this. If you are not comfortable creating a page on your own you may consider turning to them for assistance so that you can ensure that your Wikipedia page gives the right impression. You’ll find that the value of branding yourself correctly cannot be overstated.

If you’re still curious why it is better to hire Wiki experts to create your page and keep it updated, here is an article by Get Your Wiki outlining some damaging edits made to different profiles that negatively affected businesses and/or reputations: http://www.getyourwiki.com/wikipedia-revisions-the-best-and-worst-edits/

How creating a Wikipedia page will benefit your business

Many people understand that to succeed in online marketing, they need a strategy. However, not as many people understand that to make this happen, unconventional marketing tools have to be applied. One of these tools is the Wikipedia page creation. There are many marketers that have included a page on Wikipedia in their sales plans and they claim that it is driving the sales up.

Wikipedia is very different from the other tools that are used in marketing. This is because it makes use of its own style and anyone is allowed to chip in to the content. Many people tend to ignore the directory, but if done right, it can do a lot of good to the business. There are several steps that you are supposed to take when you decide to make a Wikipedia article as part of your marketing strategy:

• The creation of a page on Wikipedia
• Getting back links for Wikipedia
• Making sure that a positive presence is maintained on the page
• Taking advantage of the sister projects that are part of Wikipedia

Most marketers that have a Wikipedia page state that it helped improve their search engine ranks and also jumpstarts the knowledge graph on Google. Note that it is advisable to allow professionals to create a Wikipedia page. These are the people that understand the guidelines of content creation and will not be flagged down for citations and related issues. Start by asking whether you qualify for a page on Wikipedia, when your experts state that you meet the parameters, let them help you make the page.

Most people think that backlinks from Wikipedia are worthless because they are no follow. However, the reality is that they carry a lot of weight. When you have no follow links, your brand will be more visible and will contribute to the diversity of the links. Make sure that a professional such as the Wikipedia experts at Get Your Wiki build the links because they are not easy to make to the right standards.

Note that Wikipedia is open source, which means that anyone can access and edit a Wiki page regardless of whether or not they created it themselves. To prevent malicious people from making edits to your content, you have to keep checking from time to time. One of the best ways to monitor Wikipedia without getting online every hour is signing up for notifications. The best way to manage all these functions without missing a beat is getting competent people such as Get Your Wiki experts to help you create a presence there.

The Medical Industry Begins To Understand The Power Of Online Reputation Management Companies

Online reputation management is an area of business that various industries have accepted more readily than others as the Internet plays an increasingly major role in the lives of people from all walks of life. Family Practice News explains how members of the medical industry are now beginning to understand the power users of the Web have and are seeking help in fighting negative reviews. The reputation of any business in the 21st century is now linked ever more closely to the continued rise of the Online reviews that are used by potential customers to choose their medical provider.
Reviews continue to give unnamed Internet users the power to make or break a business Online and in the physical domain, which can leave an unprepared company open to potential problems from negative reviews. Online reputation management experts like Status Labs understand that even the best reviewed companies will have a number of negative reviews from disgruntled customers who may have had a poor customer service experience, or simply had unrealistic expectatins prior to their visit to a medical practice. Increasing numbers of medical practices are now turning to Online reputation management specialists to make sure the negative reviews that may appear on their Website do not have a disruptive effect on the business as a whole.

Online reviews can come in many forms and become a major issue when they are of a negative nature, such as those posted to video sharing platforms that include images as well as negative text. The difficulty many medical practices face is having negative reviews removed from review Websites without the aid of professional marketing experts. A further way Online reputation management specialists are seeking to control the flow of reviews is by collecting them at the point of service in a bid to make sure large numbers of positive reviews make their way onto the Internet; by controlling the flow of information to the Internet negative reviews can be diluted to form only a small number of those available Online.