Jose Auriemo Neto Enters The Retail Sector

After graduating high school when only 17, Jose Auriemo Neto studied mechanical engineering at Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado. However, in the end, he decided to pursue a career at his father’s company, JHSF Participacoes. JHSF was first founded in 1972 by Jose Roberto and his brother (and Jose Auriemo Neto’s father) Fabio Auriemo. At that time it was solely a construction services company and was called JHS Construção e Planejamento Ltda. During the 1980s the brothers split the company into two companies, with each of the brothers taking the leadership of one of them.

In 1990 there was a full split between the two companies with each of the brothers becoming the sole shareholder in the company they led. Fabio’s half, the half that concentrated on real estate, was renamed JHSF Participacoes. Jose Auriemo began his career here in 1993. In 1997 he founded JHSF’s service department known as Parkbem Parking Management. The following year he obtained the rights for the company to build its first shopping mall. This mall would be completed in the latter half of 2001. In 2003 he ascended to become the president of the company.

Three years later he replaced his retiring father as Chief Executive Officer. It was also in 2006 that he led the company to enter the luxury retail sector. Its first luxury mall was called the Cidade Jadim shopping complex. The enormous luxury complex included nine residential towers and three commercial towers. In this particular venture, he signed partnership agreements with a variety of top international fashion brands. In 2012, it garnered much worldwide attention by signing a very prestigious partnership with Valentino. As a result, Brazil’s first ever Valentino and Red Valentino lines were installed in their luxury malls.

The retail industry is not JHSF’s only high profile area of concentration. It also has extremely substantial works involving office buildings, hotels and various public enterprises.

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Anil Chaturvedi Is A Seasoned Banking Guru

About Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is an international, highly skilled, professional banker who has over forty years of banking experience. His banking years consist of working in the private, commercial and investment sectors of banking. He is a financial guru that holds a B.A. in economics as well as an M.B.A. He has been involved in mergers and acquisitions as well as assisting with cross border partnerships between businesses. He has helped various startup companies, mainly in the technology and e-commerce fields.

How His Banking Career Started

Anil Chaturvedi jump started his career right after his M.B.A. by joining the State Bank of India. He worked there for four years where he was responsible for marketing and development. He was responsible for pulling in over $500 million in business for the company over his four years of service. The bank honored him as man of the year. When he left there he went on ANZ Grindlays Bank as Vice President of US Operations. At ANZ Gindlays Bank he was in charge of revamping the bank’s profit model. He stayed there for a couple of years before planting roots at Merrill Lynch. He stayed there for about seventeen years. His time at Merrill Lynch proved to be extremely productive as he learned so much about the banking industry and was also able to ascend to the ranks of a senior banker on a global scale.

What Is He Doing Today

Currently Anil Chaturvedi is he managing editor at Hinduja Bank, Switzerland. He has boosted the bank’s fame with his creative marketing strategies. He has also grown the business internally by bringing in more business from Indians in Europe. The new flexibility in India’s trade laws has also prompted him to try recruit European business to India to gain even more business for Hinduja Bank, Switzerland. When Anil Chaturvedi is not so busy generating business for his banks, he works with his wife Kiran, on their Chaturvedi foundation. The organization funds international charities, makes grants for several companies and pushes the public to partake in voluntarism.