Serge Belamant, the Driving Force Behind the Success of Net 1 UEPS Technologies

Dr. Serge Belamant has been a sought-after consultant at Net 1 UEPS Technologies since 31st May 2017. Serge has an experience of over twenty years in the fields of biometrics, artificial intelligence, security, operations research, as well as off-line and on-line transaction processing applications. Dr. Belamant founded Net 1 UEPS Technologies, formerly known as Net1 Applied Technology Holdings Limited in 2000 and has worked as the CEO since then up to May 2017.

Serge Belamant spent approximately ten years serving at Control Data Corporation as a computer scientist, where he attained various international awards. Afterward, he was responsible for the creation, development, operation, and implementation of the Saswitch ATM system in South Africa, and it still ranks as one of the biggest ATM switching networks in the whole world. Belamant has also patented many other inventions apart from the FTS, and they range from biometrics to betting related inventions.

The use of blockchain debit card, a product of Net1 Technologies (UEPS) ensures reduced banking costs in the world. Net1 Technologies developed a patented blockchain technology typically on a smart card that works like a debit card. This smart card is compatible with Europay MasterCard Visa, and it works like a debit card where EMV cards are used. The smart card utilizes distributed ledgers that operate both online and offline without any form of communicating with a central server.

The smart cards can validate, encrypt, decrypt, and authorize transactions and also develop an audit record without a centralized server. This smart card can function without a power source connection and a centralized Point of Sale Device. Thus the blockchain smart cards can operate as a complete bank account without any bank infrastructure expenses.

Dr. Serge Belamant holds a Doctorate in Information Technology and Management and serves as MediKredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions’ Director. He also works as a board member in several other corporations that are related to smart card business. He also served as the director of Net 1 UEPS in South Africa from 1997 to 2004. Serge Belamant is a strategic visionary with technological ingenuity and comprehensive knowledge in the payments sector making him a sought-after asset in the development of many services and products in the industry.

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Guilherme Paulus A Powerful Man In Latin American Tourism

The 10-year Special Edition of Performance Leader Magazine, published in September, had a special interview with Guilherme Paulus, the founder of CVC Operadora y Agencia de Viagens S.A, which is the largest tourism operator in Latin America. The focus of the special edition is to present the Brazils most important business leaders and the trajectory of their successful careers. According to the interview, titled “Intuition, daring and achievement,” Paulus “is the most powerful man in Brazilian tourism.”

“Paulus is the most responsible for linking the various segments that make up the industry – such as transportation and hospitality – and his decisions move the market and influence his decisions.”

Guilherme Paulus founded the CVC in Santo André (SP) in 1972, in partnership with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari – whose initial letters gave rise to the name of the agency. Cerchiari, however, left the business four years later, and Paulus was left alone at the helm.

“Placing value in Brazils tourism potential, the entrepreneur bet on democratization and, allowing more people to have access to travel, expanded his business and made possible the realization of the dreams of millions of Brazilians,” said the magazine. “Today CVC has reached the point where thinking about the customer it operates in a way that often reduces its profit margin and, in this way, transfers cheaper prices to consumers. As a result of lower prices it has become the largest travel operator of Latin America and in the world,” added Performance Leader.

Guilherme Paulus also works frequently in the hotel and real estate sector. After the Consolidation of the CVC, in 1995, he acquired a hotel in the city of Gramado (RS). Ten years later, he also acquired a Resort in Foz do Iguaçu. The acquisition of the resort in Foz do Iguaçu eventually led him to found GJP Hotels and Resorts.

The two most recent large-scale corporate moves by Guilherme Paulus were the sale, in 2010, of CVC’s controlling shares to The Carlyle Group. That same year Paulus became president of the CVC’s Board of Directors. Previously in 2005, Guilherme Paulus founded GJP Hotels and Resorts. In 2016 Paulus founded GJP Incorporadora & Construtora, a company focused on the construction of high standard residential condominiums in places of great tourist movement.

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Louis Chenevert Passion for Yacht Building

Louis Chenevert experienced triggered him to extend his knowledge in constructing a recent technology advanced yacht. He adjourned with his mission and had managed to build three yachts. My interest goes to the latest hi-tech yacht that he constructed. He named it Debbie Lou. Developing Debbie Lou calls for the tremendous amount of Chenevert objectives. It also calls for the cooperation between the world-class yacht builders and a great connection between the builder and the client. This connection was developed by Louis Chenevert and the Horizon whereby a relationship grew when they were constructing the previous yacht by the name Horizon 85.

The Horizon group stated that Debbie Lou engages the kind of design as well as the level of technology that you ought to see on a larger yacht. The way in which Louis Chenevert designed and crafted the equipment accessibility, the design, the style in conjunction with the final touches are all honored to work I conjunction with the creativity that went on into the yacht. Despite this collaboration in the construction of Debbie Lou, Louis Chenevert is the man who carries all the benefits since he stands to be the owner of this impressive yacht. However, Horizon group accepted and appreciated this challenge that he brought in the company. This was because the Horizon Company was also able to use this yacht as an example which has made this company been ranked as one of the best world’s best yacht builders.

Louis Chenevert used to be the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the UTC (United Technologies Corporation). Under the leadership of Louis Chenevert, the 63 billion USD industrial corporation remained competitive by making good use of innovation in aerospace in conjunction with building technologies. This company managed to grow exponentially and sustained its high rank. In addition to this development, UTC has never disappointed its clients and has always been operated within the environment rules of the company. It calls for dedicated leaders who are set to pay maximum attention to the details of such an ultimate conglomerate like UTC to retain in such rank. It has been a reality since he has all these leadership qualities, he has a natural passion when it comes to yacht building.

Wes Edens has now turned his attention to football

Soccer or football as it is known in England, is one of the most watched sports in the world. Fans of the game are known to travel from far and wide to enjoy a game. This has made the sport, one of the most keenly watched by investors as they try to determine which clubs to invest in. Money has been flowing into English clubs given their popularity and ever-rising value. These investors look for different things in a team but will all admit to wanting to see their teams shine in the long run.

Wes Edens, an American businessman and co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group, is one of these investors. He recently partnered with Sawiris and Egyptian billionaire to acquire a majority stake at Aston Villa. The two share a love for soccer and what better way to show their commitment to the support than by acquiring a football club. The acquisition, which was made through their company NSWE will see Sawiris become the chairman and will help the board in the overall management of the team.

Aston Villa before dropping to the Championship from the EPL had won the trophy seven times. The impact of relegation was felt financially, and this meant that the team required some capital injection to accommodate the said loss. Aston Villa will benefit financially from the two partners’ input as well as management tips from them given their stature in the world of business and investment. Wes Edens and his partner are keen on seeing the club succeed and its paramount to them that this is achieved within the shortest time possible.

Wes Edens, who is a father of four has been investing in sports for a number of years. His first investment was back at home when he acquired the Milwaukee Bucks which plays in the NBA. The basketball team had been sold by Herb Kohl, and he promised him that he would do everything within his power to ensure that the team remained in Wisconsin. They recently built an area to make this possible. Going forward, it will be interesting to see how Wes Edens juggles basketball and football.

Matt Badiali: Get Your Investment Share

In the recent, there was a tax plan that passed. With the new tax plan, it means now that the firms will get their coffers fattened due to the breaking of tax that will come. The citizens’ taxpayers of America will be expecting their accounts in the bank to start swelling, and $34.6 billion that was received will be in their bank accounts in the coming month. It is now for American people to look forward and get the money because of their strategic investment. For example, Doug Smith, a 46-year-old and has been living in Joplin based in Missouri is expecting to receive $24,075. The payment each one can get will depend on the amount one had put into an investment. The fee will be through an investment strategy called freedom checks that was introduced by Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali introduced these freedom checks worldwide via a video and explained how people could benefit from them despite their age or the amount of money that is in their accounts. It is a chance for everyone to collect their checks from the coming month. Matt Badiali is happy about the new tax plan, and he is advising the people to invest in the freedom checks because they will become the actual most significant cash to be grabbed. So that one can be part of the program as a company, 90% of the firm’s revenue should come from production, processing, storage and transport on the natural resources. When a company has fit in the description, it is supposed to distribute the revenue it gets to its stakeholder in the form of Freedom checks. So that one to be a stakeholder, you can join with $10. Freedom checks cannot even compare with the Medicare or social security. Anyone at any age can be part of the program and has much higher payouts than the ones received from the social security.

This investment opportunity introduced is about the MLPs or master limited partnerships by Matt Badiali. The MLPs are publicly traded in the NYSE. They have a tax-related advantage, and the revenue they attain has no tax.

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Anil Chaturvedi Is A Seasoned Banking Guru

About Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi is an international, highly skilled, professional banker who has over forty years of banking experience. His banking years consist of working in the private, commercial and investment sectors of banking. He is a financial guru that holds a B.A. in economics as well as an M.B.A. He has been involved in mergers and acquisitions as well as assisting with cross border partnerships between businesses. He has helped various startup companies, mainly in the technology and e-commerce fields.

How His Banking Career Started

Anil Chaturvedi jump started his career right after his M.B.A. by joining the State Bank of India. He worked there for four years where he was responsible for marketing and development. He was responsible for pulling in over $500 million in business for the company over his four years of service. The bank honored him as man of the year. When he left there he went on ANZ Grindlays Bank as Vice President of US Operations. At ANZ Gindlays Bank he was in charge of revamping the bank’s profit model. He stayed there for a couple of years before planting roots at Merrill Lynch. He stayed there for about seventeen years. His time at Merrill Lynch proved to be extremely productive as he learned so much about the banking industry and was also able to ascend to the ranks of a senior banker on a global scale.

What Is He Doing Today

Currently Anil Chaturvedi is he managing editor at Hinduja Bank, Switzerland. He has boosted the bank’s fame with his creative marketing strategies. He has also grown the business internally by bringing in more business from Indians in Europe. The new flexibility in India’s trade laws has also prompted him to try recruit European business to India to gain even more business for Hinduja Bank, Switzerland. When Anil Chaturvedi is not so busy generating business for his banks, he works with his wife Kiran, on their Chaturvedi foundation. The organization funds international charities, makes grants for several companies and pushes the public to partake in voluntarism.