Marc Sparks is moving his office

Marc Sparks is one of the most innovative businessmen in the world. Throughout his career, Marc has started numerous companies and he has assisted many start-ups as well. Recently, Marc made his mark on the world of philanthropy by creating Spark Tank, and now Marc is reinventing offices.

Marc currently serves as CEO and owner of Timber Creek Capital, LP, a private equity firm that specializes in helping passionate entrepreneurs reach their dreams. The firm has spent the last decade in its’ current office space, but Marc wants to change the way his office works. Timber Creek will be moving to a new office space that is optimized for collaboration and is specially designed for startup incubation. Changing offices will allow Timber Creek to permanently change the way the company offers goods and services to their clients.

Marc Sparks was eager to share the news with the media. He believes that starting a successful business requires access to all of the tools businesses need for success. By moving to this new location, Marc believes his company will be able to offer a vast assortment of quality tools. The new design will allow his company to fully support three different companies within the facility. Marc is confident that they can offer an extensive incubation period that will ensure success for the company.

Marc Sparks has spent his career helping start-ups get off the ground, and in his experience having a quality work environment is at least 25% of the ingredients needed to achieve success. Marc wants Timber Creek’s office to inspire businesses to succeed, so he is not cutting corners when it comes to where his start-ups will work.

Marc has studied office floor plans extensively in recent years, and he has noticed several trends in successful offices. Every successful office has a specific flow that maximizes collaboration and output. Marc has built the new Timber Creek Capital offices to emulate these offices, and he feels the new project will be very successful.

Timber Creek Capital is a unique private equity firm. They take on a few companies at a time. When companies are working with Timber Creek they have access to mentorship, and other valuable resources like marketing, capital, office space, and banking. When an entrepreneur is part of Timber Creek all of their needs are taken care of so they can focus on taking their company to new heights.

Marc Sparks loves mentoring young companies, and he strongly believes that this new office will allow him to take Timber Creek to the next level. He looks forward to the next generation of businesses at Timber Creek. He knows the new floorplan will make all the difference, and he looks forward to seeing the results.