Trying the Wen Cleansing Conditioner: A brief summary

WEN by Chaz Dean is a product everyone seems to be familiar with; But what happens when somebody actually tries it for themselves and then posts a day by day account of using this cleansing conditioner. Yes, somebody tried it and posted the result of using this extraordinary hair cleansing conditioner. Emily Mclure, a beauty blogger from New York thought of giving this a shot and seeing the results for herself and us of course. As a person who loves beauty products and posting about them. Emily took the opportunity upon herself and using the Sephora endorsed Wen Cleansing conditioner.


A day by day account of the experience was posted by Emily which spanned a total of 7 days which can be seen on the hyperlink below:


A little surprised with the using of the conditioner Emily used a total of 10-16 pumps of the Wen Cleansing conditioner. The instructions lay out that 10-16 pumps should be used for short cropped hair, 16-24 pumps for medium hair and 24-32 pumps for long hair. Emily says that she instantly felt better after using the conditioner. Her hair started feeling thicker and she experienced no hair fall as usually the case with washing long hair. The regular use of the cleansing conditioner made some amazing changes to Emily’s hair as has been written by her. She started feeling the effects on her hair right from day 1. By the end of Day 7, her hair was shinier and felt relatively less greasy after using it.


About Wen By Chaz Dean


Wen by Chaz dean is a revolutionary hair cleansing product that has been trusted and recommended by people of all age groups. From celebrities to fashionista’s, everyone who has used the product has vouched for its effectiveness. Started by Chaz Dean a hair stylist and photographer in the early 90’s with the aim of providing complete hair care solution to its clients, Chaz Dean became a household name in California with big celebrities endorsing the Wen hair and cleansing conditioner. The response to the product has been astounding with Wen becoming the favorite choice of hair cleansing conditioners among the general public. Visit Wen channel on YouTube for more information.

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Blogger Introduces The World To Wen By Chaz

Everyone in Hollywood has heard of Chaz Dean. In fact if you are in Hollywood you have probably had Chaz Dean slay your hair on several occasions or at least once. I have never personally me Chaz but he has done the hair and make up for some of my close friends in Hollywood and his results have never been anything less than stellar. I have always supported Chaz from afar and often refer my celeb friends to him anytime they are in need of a hair do. I support his work in a major way and I only endorse the greats.
Recently I found out on facebook, a blogger over at Bustle also decided to sing Chaz’s praises after she gave Wen By Chaz a try. For 2 weeks she used only WEN By Chaz to see how it would impact her thin hair and when she completed the two weeks her hair was a miracle. The once thin hair she wore on her hair was now thick and full and the confidence she lacked in her hair was suddenly revived. It’s amazing what great hair can do to your mind, spirit, soul and outer appearance. Visit,, the official product website.

Chaz Dean has been a go to resource for women in Hollywood for several years. Recently, he decided to transition into the hair care industry with his new product Wen By Chaz and to date has not only hit record sales but continues to shake up the hair industry. He sells his products on Guthy-Renker.


Hair Products By Chaz Dean Called The WEN Range

In a recent blog post found on, Emily McClure try’s out the new WEN range of hair products by Chaz Dean ( Emily has been a huge fan of hair products and is always willing to try something new. She had seen advertisements on TV about the range and was eager to try them out herself.
She went with the Fig Version of the Sephora 5 in 1 Cleanser Conditioner and was pleasantly surprised with the results. She used the products on and off for a period of 7 days. She was busy travelling during those 7 days which put the WEN Conditioner Cleanser under added testing. The product left her hair feeling soft and full of moisture. Especially directly after the use of the product the hair was visibly shiny and soft to the touch.

Chaz Dean who was the creator of the Wen hair range knows the difference between a good product and one that outshines the rest. This is what he envisioned for the WEN range of hair products and is the reason for their success so far. Chaz Dean testes all the products on his own customers to ensure a fantastic experience. Chaz has developed his passion through his love for hair and color. His clientele range from all walks of life and the celebrities he treats know of his talents when it comes to hair.

The WEN range includes a conditioner cleanser, a nourishing mousse, an anti frizz styling creme and re-moist intensive hair treatment. The range allows the consumer to have access to all the best product formulations to suite any type of hair. Chaz Dean has had many years of experience when it comes to developing hair care products like these.

WEN Hair Care products are also available here: