Billionaire George Soros

Soros was born in 1930 from the Kingdom of Hungary and has been on the frontline working for the world’s better governance around the whole world. His effort has been felt in the United States, Europe countries and also Africa. At the USA, he used to be a staunch democrat and has sponsored George Bush campaigns and even Hillary Clinton and read full article. He has been on the forefront funding world’s leading NGO’s that works towards ensuring there is equality, democracy and also ensuring that justice is served to all. Back in 1970, he used to support black students from Africa access primary education. He has donated a lot of money through those available scholarships to many students who in return have become great people across the globe and learn more about George Soros.

George according to a report released by Forbes, happens to be the 19th richest man across the globe. He also happens to be the wealthiest Hedge Fund Manager in America and the world at large, and he keeps on working towards becoming position one. He has been able to make billions of money through forex trading. These are some the of trading tricks that he developed while he was still studying philosophy. He is the manager of Soros Fund Management since the year 1970. He has been the company chairman since then, and he keeps on working day and night towards raising the status of the company. Some other billionaire investors whom he held similar positions with were Stanley Drunkenmiller, Jim Rodgers, Mark Schwartz, and also his two sons. When the company value grew to over $12 million, he decided to rename the company as Quantum Fund. He kept on reinvesting his money until his company became a giant. His company stake grew at a rapid rate that later made him the person and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros has had previous experience from the London School of Economics whereby he studied bachelors of science in Philosophy and later masters of Philosophy from the same school. That is how he started his journey and then became a very lucky finance expert. George Soros had immigrated from Hungary after the war became uncontrollable. He relocated to the United States in the year 1956 so that he could expand on his career and more information click here. He started his first job at Singer & Friedlander, then as a European analyst at FM Mayer, Wertheim and Co. and later at Anhold and Bleichroeder whereby he worked as the company’s vice president and also stayed there for over ten years. He has tremendously achieved in his journey as a scholar and an investor and has become one of the World’s greatest mentors. He is a very respected man in America and the whole world at large and Follow him

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