OSI Industries Leads The Way In Food Distribution With New Plants Opening Globally

OSI Industries has been in business for years now in the Chicago area and recently went on to expand the warehouses they operate around Chicago. They were already home to one facility in Chicago and went on to take over a 200,000 foot facility which was under the direction of Tyson Foods. The new facility is close to the pre-existing facility.

The main reason they opted to purchase the new facility was to allow for the expansion of the capabilities they are able to handle with the demands of the pre-existing customers and the number of customers they are reaching out to. It is essential in business to continue to grow in order to meet your customers needs and OSI Industries knows that if they want to continue to be better, they have to be able to handle the demands put on them.

OSI Foods reached out to expand even further when they obtained Millard facility. The facility that was added to the Millard location in Geneva, Illinois is allowing for expansion into frozen entree’s to be created for their customers. The expansion allowed for more than just frozen meats to be created but allowed for them to expand into pasta dishes as well.

OSI Foods is always searching for new and exciting ways to expand their business. With each new addition they add, they are making bigger and exciting relationships with their customers. The reach has expanded to include more than just super markets but to also include super club stores and large mass merchandisers. They reach has expanded out to include areas outside of the United States.

OSI Industries has obtained the location to also help to handle the shipments for other customers throughout the country and other regions. President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald is happy in the way that the business is expanding and is always searching for new ways to expand even further. With OSI Industries always building on, there are locations throughout the world including locations in Germany, Philippines, Spain and European countries. With each new facility they open, there is a higher demand from their customers.

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