Fabletics is flourishing through customer reviews

The power of technology is growing by the day in different aspects. Research has been enhanced through technology. The way people reason is now determined by what others think. Shopping is taking place at various capacities, online and physically. The sales of products and services are now been determined by the reviews of different customers. If you want to purchase a particular product, your first instinct will be to get more information about it especially if it is the first time. When you take a look at the reviews the product has online, you will decide on whether to purchase it or not.



In the age we live, customer reviews are an essential part of business growth. Getting multiple positive reviews enhances the position online. The performance of your product or service is likely to increase as well. Companies that have come to the realization that reviews affect the performance of sales have embraced the review methodology. They focus on attending to their client queries and follow up on customer reviews. Fabletics is one of the companies that have embraced this methodology. They make it their responsibility and agenda to follow up on customer reviews which have assisted them in growing their business to 235 million dollars since it began in 2013. Fabletics has improved existing customer loyalty and gained new customers through earning higher ranking positions through the consistency of positive reviews they earn from their customers. The growth of reviews on the internet, especially on websites such as Trustpilot and Yelp, is a clear indication that reviews are been taken seriously by consumers. Businesses all over the world are thriving just by adopting this methodology of client reviews.



Kate Hudson is the face and a co-founder of Fabletics, a company that focuses on the empowering different women by providing athleisure clothes. They recently partnered with Demi Lovato for the principles they stand by. Fabletics works towards been an inspiration to ladies. They empower them through their brand and make them enjoy and appreciate their bodies. Kate is an active actress who represents the brand for what it is. She is known to maintain an active routine. This makes her the best face the company could have as she truly brings out the nature of the brand.



Kate believes in success and therefore has had a hand on the growth of the company since it began. She has streamlined the communications department which has led to better customer relationships with their new and existing clients. She is still very hands on in reviews of budgets and even working with the team to ensure that their products are always on top of the game. She picks out what strategies to use on social media and the positive impacts have been seen in the growth of Fabletics. TechStyle Fashion Group, which is where the other two founders of Fabletics are from, has played a big role in the success of Fabletics. They had the resources to kick start this business. The Trio found a great opportunity to work together to fill the gap in the market and they are now flourishing.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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EOS- Evolution Of Smooth Flavors

Everyone has seen ads of EOS on Facebook, right? Many people use this lip balm on a daily basis. Well, have you heard the history behind how the company, and this product became so big? Approximately 7 years ago, Johnathan Teller, Sanjiv Mehra, and Craig Dubitsky, were looking to make a new product for primary woman that would outshine everyone in the lip balm industry. They wanted to make something that was going to last, not become a fad for a year or two, then fade away. Something that was unique, appealing to the eyes, all natural, fun to use, and great for your lips (of course). After research, interviews, even hiring a clay artist to model different shapes for the finishing product EOS lip balm was created. You can read more about the company on evolutionofsmooth.ca.

It took awhile to get their feet off the ground, many stores wouldn’t sell EOS, they didn’t see the point. To them, it was just lip balm, nothing else. One Walgreens took the opportunity though, and from then on everything was expanding. Soon, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Stop and Shop, https://well.ca/brand/eos-evolution-of-smooth.html, gas stations, and everywhere else was selling them. Even now, their product is still going strong, and still expanding. I mean, have you seen all the flavors they have?

Strawberry Sorbet

With this sweet pink balm you will have lips tasting like a sweet dessert, and looking just as great.

Passion Fruit

This tropical flavored, gluten free lip balm will have your lips looking like paradise.

Sweet Mint

This minty, yet sweet combination will have your lips feeling refreshed and moisturized beyond belief.

Vanilla Bean

A limited edition flavor, this delicious tasting lip balm will have your lips ready to be kissed under the mistletoe.

Note: All EOS lip balms are 95% organic, and 100% natural. Visit the website, evolutionofsmooth.ca.


Buy WEN, then Cleanse!

If you need good reasons to buy a cleansing conditioner, keep reading:

  1. Cleansing conditioners will enable you to wash and condition in one swoop, making your “getting ready” time much easier in the morning. You’ll get a head start on traffic.
  1. Cleansing conditioners are available in many different tantalizing flavors, so you’re sure to love how easy they are to love. You can find one for each different mood you have.

If you want to try a cleansing conditioner, try WEN. WEN has many different types of cleansing conditioner available, and they’re the perfect brand, and they have been in business for many years helping people just like you find the best products for their hair.

You’ll love how easily you can find WEN, too: just look online, and then go to your nearest retailer to find the best solution to your hair needs. We bet it’s a cleansing conditioner! You’ll love how easy these are to use, and the almond flavor of WEN’s product will leave you wanting to get up and use it everyday for your cleansing and conditioning needs.

If you need any hair care products, try WEN by Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/), and you won’t be disappointed. That’s a steady guarantee.

Visit WEN’s Facebook page and follow Wen on Twitter to get updates.

Wen by Chaz Boosts Fine Hair

In a recent article for Bustle, an editor with extremely fine hair decided to try out Wen hair cleansing conditioner for a week as her exclusive shampoo and conditioner product to see if it could work wonders on her hair. She wrote that she had seen the advertisements for WEN Hair by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner on television and was envious of the gorgeous locks of the women who treated their hair to the product. She was curious to see if the cleansing conditioner could have the same effect on her hair. At the end of the experiment, she was pleased to report that her hair was definitely more voluminous and shiny, which was exactly the result she hoped to see. She enthusiastically recommends the WEN Hair cleansing conditioner to her readers looking to boost their hair. Wen by Chaz made its mark on the hair care industry by producing a cleansing conditioner based on a five-in-one formula. The cleansing conditioner works as a shampoo, conditioner, detangler, leave in conditioner and deep conditioner all in one bottle. It consistently receives rave reviews on facebook from women, who love the product on all different types and lengths of hair. What makes the Wen by Chaz conditioner particularly unique is that it helps make hair healthier after each use. Rather than weighing the hair down with too much product, Wen by Chaz adds volume and shine to all different types of hair. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner can be used on a daily basis, just as you would a regular shampoo or conditioner. One of the perks of using this hair care product is that it streamlines hair styling and removes unnecessary products from your bathroom lineup. This saves time and money each day, especially if purchased from ebay.com and keeps women coming back to Wen by Chaz for more.    

The Most Important Handbags Every Woman Needs

Every stylish girl needs certain fashion essentials on pando.com, and when it comes to handbags, there are a few that top the list. If you want to look good wherever you go, you need to make sure that you have at least these handbags. They will take you everywhere and apart from making you look super cool and sexy, they will also hold all your stuff! You can’t lose.

1. The tiny classic clutch

A lot of women make the mistake of buying a sparkly, fancy clutch, but you won’t be able to use this that often. You just need a basic clutch in any solid color that you feel could go with your wardrobe overall. Black is always good. Make it simple and basic so that you could take it on both a formal date and a night out clubbing with your friends.

2. The bag that fits a laptop

Sometimes, you have to haul around a lot of stuff. The biggest thing you should be hauling around in a bag is your laptop, so make sure that this business friendly bag fits a laptop and comes in a basic style that you could take to a business meeting or a job interview if need be. In other words, don’t choose bright pink or a big print.

3. The casual bag

You don’t want to have a stiff leather or suede bag when you are just heading to the beach, so make sure that you also have a casual bag where you can stuff all the things you’ll need for a picnic by the river or a trip to the amusement park. This bag should be made out of something like cotton or loose leather.

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