Makari Offers Skin Whitening Creams For The Ethnic Woman

A Quick Snapshot Of Makari

Makari is a skincare company that is dedicated to providing safe and effective skin whitening creams and other beauty products to the ethnic woman. The company was founded by a woman of African descent who saw that the beauty industry routinely ignored the colored women as a customer. Another major reason why Makari was started was because skin whitening products for dark colored women contained dangerous ingredients such as hydroquinone. Makari decided to cater to this neglected market and offer high quality, alternative products that would be both effective, safe and of a high quality.

Today, products are manufactured in Switzerland. This is a country that has some of the most stringent testing and manufacturing standards in the world. Natural ingredients are also utilized when possible such as jojoba oil, argon oil and shea butter.

A Quick Sample of Skin Whitening Products Made By Makari

Examples of Makari skin care products that will whiten the skin include the whitening exfoliating soap and the body beautifying milk. The whitening and exfoliating soap can be used daily to whiten both the body and face. It is gentle and effective when use daily. The body beautifying milk should be used twice a day for maximum effectiveness. Ingredients in this product include primrose oil and hawthorn extract. It will also help fade away discolorations and stretch marks.