ClassDojo Education Platform for Parents, Students, and Teachers Allowing Transparent Communication System

There is a growing demand for edtech products in the market. Unlike before, teachers today are using technology in the classroom that allows them to clarify concepts in a much better way. But, with many different types of edtech products in the market, there is only a handful that has been successful. There are a few things that most teachers look for in the edtech product that they want to purchase.

The first thing that edtech products entrepreneurs need to understand is that just creating a product will not be enough. It has to solve some problem that the teachers want to resolve. Most of the product out there do not consult with the teachers and students and just assume that they need to make learning fun. The truth is that there are many teachers out there who do that without the need of edtech products. Thus, it is essential that your edtech product should offer some resolution to their problem. Teachers today want a tried and tested product as most do not want to spend time testing edtech products. Thus, edtech technology entrepreneurs need to create their studies to ensure that the teachers can get the final product that they can instantly start using.

ClassDojo is a communication platform that allows teachers to create notes for their students and also be able to communicate with parents in real time in case of some problem. The co-founder of the company Sam Chaudhary has spent a lot of months conducting interviews with teachers, students, and even parents to help create the ClassDojo platform. It has allowed teachers to send feedback about their students to their parents instantly without having to wait for the parent-teacher meeting.

ClassDojo has many advanced features that have made it one of the top edtech products in the market. Teachers can share class videos and photos with the parents. It helps parents feel more connected to the school since they can know on a daily basis what their children are doing in school. Today, 2 in 3 schools are using ClassDojo, and it has helped create a community where a child can flourish without any restrictions.