MB2 Dental Allows Dentists To Focus On Their Work

When a dentist steps into the room with a patient, that dentist should be able to focus all of their attention on that patient and the immediate needs that they have. A great dentist should not have to worry about how they are going to market their services or how they are going to take care of their earnings. A dentist should be able to give all of their attention to the patient before them, and MB2 Dental helps dentists do that. This firm is available to dentists so that they can focus on the work of actually caring for their patients and not have to worry about much else.Dentists who are worried about the finances that back their practice can find help through MB2 Dental and the services that it has to offer.

This firm provides dentists with accounting services and with financial advice that can help them to do well in this area. This firm is there for those dentists who would rather work on the teeth of their patients than figure out how much money they have available and the best way to use money.Those dentists who would like to have a staff on hand so that they have assistance when they need it but who do not want to spend time managing that staff can find help through MB2 Dental. This firm is around to help with the Human Resources issues that a dentist has to deal with, and this firm helps a dentist manage their whole staff.

This firm is available to help dentists focus more on their patients and less on those who are working for them.MB2 Dental provides help in the area of IT so that dentists do not have to worry about that or struggle with it. This firm also provides help in recruiting individuals to come and work for the dentist. This firm is there for dentists by offering them help with billing and money collecting. This firm also provides the dentist with marketing services that help them to stand out and to bring in new patients. Those who would like to focus on their patients rather than the other work of running their practice can find help in MB2 Dental and the services that it provides.

Mark McKenna Career in Medicine and Real Estate

Dr. Mark McKenna is a respected medical professional who loves serving the community. The business has earned the trust of patients in the United States because of his dedication and passion. At the moment, the reputable doctor is licensed to carry out his practice in Florida and Georgia states. Apart from being a respected doctor, McKenna is a businessman who has started several profitable ventures in the United States.

Becoming a reputable doctor is a calling for many people. However, without the right education, it is not possible. When growing up, Mark McKenna wanted to venture into a career that would help him serve humanity. After finishing his high school education,Dr. Mark McKenna was fortunate to get an opportunity at the prestigious Tulane University Medical School. The skills he got at the school have played a critical role in his career.

After graduating from the medical school, Mark decided to join his father so that he could change the lives of the people in the community. His father was the owner of a real estate company that was already doing well. The two joined forces and established a powerful emperor that won the hearts of many people in the United States.

Just recently, real estate shared his success story with one of the leading platforms, known as Ideamensch. The OVME founder said that he decided to start the company after being in the industry for a long time. For him to become successful in the competitive market, the businessman has learned how to sit down and set strict goals that he must make sure that they are achieved. The businessman is very disciplined in his ventures and career life, and this has helped to shape him into an influential investor who is admired by both the young and old.

Although he has already acquired enough education,Dr. Mark McKenna enjoys reading the materials he comes across with. Whenever he is not working at his office, the businessman prefers to meditate so that he can focus and think about the future.Although Dr. Mark McKenna has had a great share of challenges in his complicated career, he has turned out to be one of the respected doctors and entrepreneurs in the market.

Tempus Understanding that Each Patient Need Special Care

When Eric Lefkofsky came in close contact with cancer treatment, he was surprised at the slow uptake of technology in the healthcare sector. Despite the much attention given to electronic health record systems, Lefkofsky was surprised to find that the sector had not embraced modern technology that could help achieve better healthcare and treatment results. The main thing that caught Eric Lefkofsky’s attention was the gap that exists between data collection and digital technology. While much personal medical data of patients are collected in hospitals, very little technology exists to use this data to facilitate the enhancement of healthcare provision. Thus, seeking to make a change, Lefkofsky cofounded Tempus.


Tempus is a medical technology company whose sole aim is to improve healthcare provision by facilitating the production of precision medication through the proper and more effective collection of patient data. They have developed a platform which allows for the effective analysis of patients’ molecular and clinical data. Upon such analysis, hospitals and medical practitioners can develop treatment plans and methods that are specific to each patient’s specific condition. Tempus has concentrated its efforts on the development of health solutions for the treatment of cancer. They recognize that each cancer patient has different conditions and is at different advancement levels of the disease which make it necessary for customized treatment for each patient if the best results are to be achieved. A one fits all approach to cancer treatment is detrimental to the achievement of best results, making the services provided by Tempus increasingly necessary.

Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky was born in the state of Michigan in 1969 but has since relocated to Chicago. He graduated with high honors from the University of Michigan in 1991 in Ann Abor and proceeded to pursue a Masters’ Degree in Law from the same institution two years later. He, however, shunned a career in law to go into the technology industry where he soon emerged as a major player. Over the years, he has invested in tech startups that have grown to become multi-billion dollar companies such as Tempus and many others.

Eric Lefkofsky is a keen family man and philanthropist, advancing most of his charity work through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which he co-founded with his wife.

Tempus Co-Founder Eric Lefkofsky is Changing Cancer Care By the Horns

Tempus, the Chicago based business is creating software platforms that are checking data in volumes of the clinical data surrounding cancer treatments. The business is working together with hospitals and universities like the Mayo Clinic, the University of Michigan and also Duke University. Eric Lefkofsky knows how important technology is to the fight of cancer. He has had his own dealings with someone he loves undergoing cancer treatment.

The cancer center treatment centers are making changes in the way that patients are dealing with cancer treatments. The hope is to find more patterns, sequencing and information on why some people develop cancer while others do not. Cancer is especially common and each year, the number of people who have cancer is increasing.

Tempus is working to help physicians become less overwhelmed while collecting all the data they need and to analyze that data to create the information they need in one location to make it easier on everyone being treated and cared for during cancer treatments.

For Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus is creating a stir with their end to end solutions for cancer treatments. The hope is to collect all the right information and data and make that information available to hospitals, universities and even patients who are dealing with cancer treatments. Services are provided to the patients who are then compared to other individuals with similar conditions to create clinical trials that will create treatments that are effective to fighting cancer. To know more about him click here.

Tempus is a company that did not come about easily or because someone simply decided to wake up one day and create a business plan to help others in their cancer battles. For Eric Lefkofsky, when he developed Tempus, it wasn’t simply because he had made five other businesses successful but because the cause was personal to him. He knew going in with someone close to him who had cancer, he needed to make it easier for the knowledge to be gained by all doctors working on the patients care. It was this brilliant idea that helped to change how cancer treatment is done and how patients are cared for when they have cancer.

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