Clay Siegall Blazes A New Path In New Media

Clay Siegall is an extremely successful businessman, scientist, and humanitarian. Siegall traditionally finds himself working within the sciences, but recently he has tried his hand in the blogging space. His blog aptly titled the “Clay Siegal Official Blog”, has garnered a stellar following. This growth could potentially be for a number of reasons: the intriguing, targeted content posted, excellent curation or even the clout that comes with Siegall’s name. Regardless, the growth has been so consistent that the blog is expected to grow to the point of being self-sustaining; No small feat for something that began as a side project.

Clay Siegall uses the blog as his personal space to share topics near to both his heart and areas of interest. While Siegall, being a career scientist, isn’t reluctant to share his arm-chair biologist side, he is also privy to posting major updates pertaining to his favorite sport, football. While this may seem like a scattered collection of ideas to the uninitiated, this broad selection of topics has actually lent itself as a major boon to the blogs continued success. Here’s an example of the type of content one can expect to find on the blog: “Emmit Smith claims 2018 will be Jason Garret’s last year with the Cowboys “‘If he doesn’t get it right'”. Succinct and well written, the content one can expect to find on the blog is sure to impress.

But who exactly is Clay Siegall? The answer is more interesting than one might expect. Siegall is the CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics, a world-renowned biotechnology company. As CEO, Clay Siegall has been placed in a stressful, demanding position of leadership for many years. This immense experience only lends itself to the integrity of Siegall’s character. A graduate both George Washington University as well as the University of Maryland, Siegall is no stranger to academia. Driven by a passion for his patients, Siegall leads Seattle Genetics with a focus on ethical practices. Ultimately, Clay Siegall’s career is a long one, defined by success and determination. True to form, Siegall is expecting even greater successes still on the horizon.