A Brief Look into the Career of Deidre Baggot – A Trusted Healthcare Business Strategist

Deirdre Baggot is a respected clinician, strategist for healthcare companies, and an innovative payment expert. Her reputation in the payment systems is based on her pioneering activity of the innovative bundled payments, starting with the Exempla Healthcare. She has also worked with multiple healthcare firms, participated in conferences, and written various research papers.

Baggot has a mix of business skills and nursing skills, which are integral in her roles as a healthcare executive. She studied Bachelor of Science (Nursing) at Southern Illinois University and also has a Health Care Executive Leadership Certificate from the Wharton School. Baggot also holds an MBA (General Business Management and Administration) from the Quinlan School of Business, Chicago. The epitome of her education is a Ph.D. From the Denver’s University of Colorado. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

After gaining substantial skills in healthcare administration, Mrs. Baggot began her hospital administrative career with the North Western Memorial Hospital. She worked at the Chicago-based hospital for six years as a Manager, Staff Michigan- Nurse, and a Resource Coordinator. After leaving the hospital in 2003, she joined the based Health System of the University of Michigan. Here, she was in charge of business analysis and oversaw administrative roles. Her stint lasted for three years, before leaving in 2006.

Between 2006 and 2010, Deirdre Baggot worked as a Senior Administrator for Colorado-based SCL Health. In this health system, she was in charge of the Vascular and Cardiac Unit. It is here that Deirdre Baggot realized significant success in her career. For instance, she was managing 450 company employees and led strategic planning, innovation, affiliate building, effective marketing, and acquisitions for the regional institute with 86 million dollars in funding. She also successfully applied the bundled payment program.

From 2010 to 2016, Baggot was the Senior VP of California-based GE Healthcare Partners. Here she continued her innovative designs to payment programs. Her success during this period saw her an invited to the Summit for National Bundled Payment as the Chair. She also featured on the Morning Edition and Planet Money of NPR.

After working with different health systems for two decades (including a Partner at ECG Consultants), Deirdre Baggot now works as a strategist for healthcare enterprises. Most ventures have already branded her a trusted advisor, and she stands to bring more innovations to healthcare systems. Learn more: https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/29148566_Deirdre_Baggot



Whitney Wolfe, Creating A World Where Both Women And Men Can Thrive Equally

Gender imbalance has always been a sensitive issue and tends to spark off heated debates whenever brought into the limelight. It is a problem that has been around for as far as we can remember yet it is the most overlooked one. However, with women like Whitney Wolfe who do whatever they can to support other women and tackle gender imbalance by its horns, there is hope at the end of the tunnel that one day, this problem will be a thing of the past.

Whitney Wolfe established Bumble, a dating app now turned social network in 2014, with the aim of tackling gender imbalance in dating. Through this app, Whitney dared to change what has always been deemed as the norm in dating across the world, by ensuring that women no longer have to wait for men to make the first move in dating. For a connection to be made through the woman has to make the first move for the match to be complete. Looking at the success she has today, there is no doubt that Mrs. Wolfe has indeed succeeded as Bumble now has over twenty million users and is quite a big company.

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Besides creating a favorable dating ground for women, Whitney is dedicated to empowering women by creating a workplace in which both genders can thrive. For instance, most females are often unable to ask for salary raises and promotions as they tend to feel guilty, while men often feel like they are entitled to such raises and are empowered when requesting for them. To eradicate this culture, Whitney Wolfe has created a system in her company where they hold a semi-annual review in which everyone is free and must talk about their salary. Even though not every income raise request is granted, the review makes it possible for everyone including women to fight for equal pay without any feelings of self-doubt and guilt.

Apart from the pay aspects, Whitney Wolfe also notes that mums are often forced to work three times harder in most workplaces due to lack of flexibility. In respect to that, she has created a company that is more like a haven for mothers as it has rooms where they can pump milk for their little ones and many playrooms which allow mothers to work without worrying about their kids as they can come to work with them.

Whitney Wolfe is indeed dedicated to women empowerment and creating a gender-balanced world because aside from the efforts mentioned above, she also goes on the extra mile by ensuring that every director role in her company is served by a woman, making it possible for females to hold senior positions that were previously considered suitable for males.

Shedding light on Stokes Development, LLC, Barbara Stokes and their Green Housing Project

Stokes Development, LLC recently announced that it would finally open a manufacturing center in Cullman. The project’s core aim is to build green or the sustainable homes. Stokes Development will invest $8 million into this huge project which will also create over 80 employment opportunities for the residents of Cullman. Stokes Development is positive that the project will grow over the years and will have the capacity of employing over 300 personnel in the Cullman area. Visit cullmantimes.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara Stokes, Stokes Development CEO, states that she and her husband have appreciated the Cullman area and have seen it best to start the great project. The family has called Cullman their home since the time they bought a home in Smith Lake. Since that time, they discovered that Cullman was a fantastic location and also realized the residents were friendly. Hence, though the assessed other places in Alabama to locate this new plant, Cullman remained the perfect location.

The new industrial plant will be placed in Cullman Industrial Complex and will occupy a 99,000 square foot space. The City and County built the Cullman Industrial Complex. It was later disposed of to Stokes Development, LLC in December. Stokes Company is set to construct an average at least 500 Katrina Style and Light gauge steel houses annually. Scott Stokes, the COO of Stokes, highlighted some of the distinct features of the houses which includes hurricane resistant, trendy, and mildew and mold resistant. Moreover, the company can construct a house within a time frame of two days.

Barbara Stokes is quite clear that they will get most of their materials locally. Also, they will get some of their materials in Decatur and Birmingham which includes steel that will be made of 60% recycled material. Barbara is quite categorical that they utilize a specific kind of steel that is fire resistant. Moreover, Barbara assures the residents that they have a high Underwriters Laboratory rating in the industry. The company is receiving funding for this huge project from various foreign investors, which includes 16 investors in total from Korea and China.

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Barbara Stokes Bio

Barbara is a graduate of Mercer University. She attained a degree from the university in the year 2001 in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. While still at Mercer, she studied Technical Communication, Thermodynamics, Properties and Structures of materials, and Manufacturing and Management.

Barbara is well experienced in state contracting projects and processes. She is a proud head in GSH in their FEMA and United States Government mission. Read more at Business Insider.