GreenSky Credit follows radically conservative business plan

The fintech sector has been beset with some spectacular failures over the last few years. Once promising firms that raised billions in capital and promised to revolutionize the banking industry have crashed and burned, annihilated by their own hubris. Many of these fintech companies seemed to be led by executives who were apparently high on their own supply of nonsensical utopian jargon and catchphrases. Concepts like microlending, community sustainability and NINJA loans, which were once staples of the cutting-edge fintech community have turned out to be, to paraphrase Warren Buffet, weapons of financial mass destruction.

A wiseman among fools

But not everyone in the fintech industry has been swept away by mass delusions and the madness of the cloud crowd. David Zalik ranks among the more sober practitioners in an industry overrun with pretension and megalomania. Zalik is the founder and CEO of GreenSky Credit, a company that has been revolutionary in its absolute refusal to follow any of the crazy trends that have consumed fintech over the lasts 10 years.

Rather than attempting to burn the lending industry to the ground to pave the way for completely new institutions to rise from the ashes, Zalik recognized that the best way to make money within the millennia-old lending business was to use technology to allow more of what has been proven to work all along. And that is exactly what GreenSky Credit has done.

The company uses one of the most frictionless apps ever devised for lending to allow point-of-sale retail customers to get truly instant loans for amounts up to the low six figures. While this is far from a revolutionary concept, the real genius in GreenSky’s business model lies in the fact that Zalik has found situations where these loans are creating tremendous value. In particular, GreenSky helps homeowners who otherwise could not complete their big-ticket remodeling projects to do so.

Most of these customers will see large gains in their home’s value above the cost of the projects themselves. And this built-in value creation means that almost 100 percent of GreenSky loans have been paid back in full, making the company’s lending partners trip over each other to get GreenSky business.

How Creating A To-Do List Will Help You Succeed On Upwork

Upwork is an international freelancing website that connects skilled independent contractors with clients that need their skills. Upwork offers a wide variety of skills ranging from data analysis to creative writing projects. The way the system works is, a freelancer will create a profile highlighting their skills and value. A client will post a description of the project or job they need to be completed. These jobs are posted on a dashboard available to all freelancers. Freelancers then have the opportunity to view these listing and submit a proposal to the client. According to Upwork’s LinkedIn, Upwork is currently the largest freelancing platform in the world.

Even though a lot of money can be made on Upwork, this intense popularity has created more competition for freelancers, making it harder to land a job or a project. Some freelancers on Upwork have found success by creating plans or a to-do list. Now whether your to-do list is intended for your overall success on Upwork or a more narrow goal like submitting a proposal, creating this outline of structure can help you achieve prosperity in your freelancing career. The main reason why some people don’t gain any benefit from a to-list is because they have trouble following through with it. Below are two golden tips that’ll help you fly through your to-do list.

Swallow Your Pride and Write Everything Down

Don’t worry about memorizing everything you need to do, rely on your written to-do list. Trying to memorize the task you need to complete will keep you focusing on those incomplete tasks and this will eventually lead to stress. According to the Zeigernik Effect, when you focus too hard on the things you need to do you often never get to it.

Begin Your Day With The Most Important Task

One of the biggest mistakes people make with a to-do list is putting too much time and energy into the list itself. We have the most energy when we get out of bed and begin our day. When starting your day, the first thing you should do is the task that would be the most important on your to-do list regardless of the order. For example as an Upwork Freelancer before creating a to-do list to land a job you want; you should look for the job. This may sound simplistic but there are thousands of jobs on Upwork and many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong ones and end up wasting their time.

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Keeping People Safe With New Technology

The company which provides the technology that helps to keep us safe, Securus Technologies introduced a way that families can visit their loved ones who are locked up. It’s called Securus Video Visitation. With this app families can visit their loved one without stepping out from the comforts of their homes. The app has been very popular so far. This free mobile app can be downloaded on an Android phone or on all Apple products. On the Android phone, the app has already been downloaded a little more than sixty thousand times since August. The Apple already has five thousand and that was only the first week of February.

The Vice President Of Marketing, Russel Roberts thought it was about time that someone who is locked up and their family have a different way to communicate. Gone are the days when families would have to stand on long lines, before being allowed in to see their loved one. Or talking on the phone, not being able to see each other. The Securus Video Visitation can give the inmate some peace of mind and, for those with young children who are not permitted a visit, this is something wonderful.

Securus Technologies a for profit company, it is based in Dallas, Texas, began operating in 1986. They are keeping police and correctional officers safe around the United States. They provide emergency responses,giving public information and identification study. They also have deals with about 2,600 prisons in the United States,this would be roughly 1,200,000 people who are incarcerated, just to touch on a few of their services. Why? Because they want it to be safe for all. 

The app is available on Google play and the google app store. Just a reminder, one will have to open an account. This new app will allow one to per-schedule visits and one will even get a reminder call. It works with your service plan and even can be use with WIFI.

Securus Technologies is not a part of the health product Securus nor the site Securus America that specializes in connecting agencies.

Another site that Securus is often mistaken for is Securus House which is a domestic violence center.