Vijay Eswaran Took A Wealth Of Experiences And Used The To Create The Success Of QI Group

Hailing from the Southeast Asian nation of Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran is an individual who has become notable for his skill as an entrepreneur, his work as an author and also his notable work in the area of philanthropy. Of his many accomplishments, perhaps his biggest is as the founder of QI Group. Vijay Eswaran serves in the professional capacity of the firm’s Chief Executive Officer and oversees a conglomerate of companies that is truly a global operation. Vijay Eswaran’s QI Group is involved in a number of industries and these include real estate, hospitality and direct selling. Education is also an area that Vijay Eswaran and QI Group work in.

Vijay Eswaran had extensive experience in the field of network marketing and this is the genesis of the ideas that led to the creation of Qi Group. He even admits that he was initially quite a sceptical person about the concepts behind network marketing, but the more that he studied the concept, the more he became convinced of its value as a business model. Using economic concepts, Vijay Eswaran started to formulate new ways to put together concepts of network marketing. This has been developed over his many years in the world of entrepreneurship and finally manifested in the creation of QI Group.

Vijay Eswaran is also noted for his lifestyle that helps him to stay on top of the game and in a good frame of mind. He is noted for his vegetarian diet as well as his practice of mindfulness. Vijay Eswaran also spends at least one hour of every day of his life in silence so that he can meditate and truly clear his mind of obstructions. He credits this lifestyle with being instrumental in helping him to stay focused and productive in his constantly on the go business life.

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