Betsy DeVos: Political Actor Or Hero?

Does Betsy DeVos practice political power moves or does she make charitable donations that go to help the public at large? The answer is both. She and her husband have made an astounding $139 million worth of charitable donations over the course of their lifetimes. That number dwarfs the amount that they have spent on political campaigns and causes. However, their activism in those political campaigns and causes is definitely to be recognized as well.


Betsy DeVos is currently the Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration. She made a lot of waves when she was first confirmed to this post largely because the vote was so close and some of her positions on education were considered to be so controversial. However, now that the fever has broken on a lot of that, DeVos is better able to take care of the business that she is in Washington to take care of.


This woman operates in a way that does not necessarily shine the spotlight on her. She much prefers to work in a way that does not cause people to stand up and take notice of her, but in a way that still works to get so much of what she believes in done. It is a balancing act that she has managed to perfect over the years. By being mild-mannered and polite in person, DeVos is able to fly under the radar for a lot of people. This means that she is frequently able to accomplish more than her counterparts simply because people are not paying attention.


Already there have been marks that DeVos has made as Secretary of Education. She has strongly advocated for more charter schools and has loosened the regulations required to get a charter school off the ground in the first place. This opens the door to the very real likelihood that we will all be seeing more of these types of schools in the near future. That is the dream and vision that DeVos has had for the country for such a long time, so it is fair to say that she is accomplishing at least some of what she wanted to in the first place.


Even though her political moves may be what the press takes up the most space writing about, it is unfair to say that this is all that she is about of course. There is the reality that she and her husband really have donated as much money as they have towards causes that they believe in. There have been people who have benefited from what they have done, particularly those in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. With that in mind, it is fair to say that the true picture of Betsy DeVos is a rather complex one. There is no reason to try to push her into one box or another. She is many things to many people all at the same time. Consider her to be something of a complicated figure that you can view through many different lenses.


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