The Unbelievable Tale Of Talos Energy And Stone Energy Merger

The Unbelievable Tale of Talos Energy and Stone Energy Merger

Natural calamities don’t choose where to hit or the people who should be affected. The Hurricane Harvey is one of the disparaging disasters to hit Texas. Among the many affected residents was Tim Duncan the Chief Executive Officer and president of Talos Energy. Tim who resided at Kingwood, Texas, and North of Houston at the time endured the effects of the disaster in the unruliest way. Besides homes being destroyed and all streets impassable, Tim had to hoist his wife, Christy and their young son and dogs to the FEMA rescue boat.

Besides having to rescue his family and pets, Tim Duncan had also to change the course of his investment fate. Before the disaster, he had been organizing a $2.5 merger of his privately held company with Stone Energy Company, which was bankrupt and publicly traded. This was a great business move to make as his company would become a public entity and change its investment strategy.

While figuring out how to rescue his family and ensure they were safe, he also couldn’t let the floods be a pretext for a failed merger. Tim Duncan sought refuge to Alabama via a private plane together with his family. He returned to Texas and camped at his parent’s home and where he negotiated the deal. It is a merger that will rank Talos Energy among the best in energy sector.

Once the deal will be completed and the merger enacted, Talos Energy will take over Stone’s Energy. Tim Dancun will oversee the smooth running of an oil company with a yearly revenue of $900 million. The most rewarding asset that Talos will get from the merger is the Pompano initiative that was acquired from BP for $200 million. Tim will spearhead the company into new prospects and more so new drilling undertakings.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy was founded in 2012 by Timothy S. Dancun, John Parker, and John Harrison and Stephen Heitzman. It is a technically compelled as well as an independent gas and oil production exploration company. Talos looks forward to exploring and optimizing deep water assets it anticipates to get from its merger with Stone energy. Talos is going to use advanced techniques and technologies to explore, exploit and optimize these assets and provide its large clientele base with quality services and products.

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