Wes Edens has now turned his attention to football

Soccer or football as it is known in England, is one of the most watched sports in the world. Fans of the game are known to travel from far and wide to enjoy a game. This has made the sport, one of the most keenly watched by investors as they try to determine which clubs to invest in. Money has been flowing into English clubs given their popularity and ever-rising value. These investors look for different things in a team but will all admit to wanting to see their teams shine in the long run.

Wes Edens, an American businessman and co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group, is one of these investors. He recently partnered with Sawiris and Egyptian billionaire to acquire a majority stake at Aston Villa. The two share a love for soccer and what better way to show their commitment to the support than by acquiring a football club. The acquisition, which was made through their company NSWE will see Sawiris become the chairman and will help the board in the overall management of the team.

Aston Villa before dropping to the Championship from the EPL had won the trophy seven times. The impact of relegation was felt financially, and this meant that the team required some capital injection to accommodate the said loss. Aston Villa will benefit financially from the two partners’ input as well as management tips from them given their stature in the world of business and investment. Wes Edens and his partner are keen on seeing the club succeed and its paramount to them that this is achieved within the shortest time possible.

Wes Edens, who is a father of four has been investing in sports for a number of years. His first investment was back at home when he acquired the Milwaukee Bucks which plays in the NBA. The basketball team had been sold by Herb Kohl, and he promised him that he would do everything within his power to ensure that the team remained in Wisconsin. They recently built an area to make this possible. Going forward, it will be interesting to see how Wes Edens juggles basketball and football.

Equities First Holdings: Changing The Market And Stock Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is known in the world of finance to have become one of the most innovative companies of its kind. The empire has continued its success when it comes to providing stock-based loans. This type of loan among investors and business owners has gained traction on a very large scale. That said, Equities First Holdings has become a major player in the industry when providing business owners and investors with the capital they need. They have opened the gateway where investors can easily borrow against their publicly traded stocks. This brings more opportunity for people who face challenges in the market. The company started nearly 14 years ago and has expanded its services through several branches around the world. In its first year they were able to complete transactions up to nearly 1.4 million dollars. Their main strategy of credit based loans to those experiencing economic crisis’s has paid of over the years.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Continues To Inspire

It’s time to get real about something. We all have goals. Rather they are personal or professional, or goals that we can physically manifest. No one is perfect, but as humans, it’s in our nature to try to be the very best that we can be. This often means setting yourself out to achieve or accomplish something. One of the most commonly shared goals amongst people today is looking and feeling our very best. For some people, this means making a new commitment to fitness or getting a gym membership. Some opt for makeovers or aesthetic procedures to enhance their features and help them feel great about their appearance.

As a board-certified aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Jenifer Walden commits herself to helping people all over the world achieve their goals. From breast surgery to vaginal rejuvenation, Dr. Walden employs a variety of different techniques to enhance the overall experience of each of her patients. A proud native of Austin, Texas, the widely respected surgeon has practiced in both her hometown and Manhattan, where she trained with some of the worlds most esteemed plastic surgeons.

With all that she does for her patients, its almost hard to believe that Dr. Walden still finds time to enjoy the simple things in life, like family, and social media, and lots of selfies! Born to empower and inspire others, and known for her warm and relatable personality, Dr. Walden often shares stories and post on the Instagram page of her family life, and sneak previews into a day in the life of a compassionate aesthetic surgeon.

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Alex Hern Sees The Next Big Thing In Tech

The tech industry is searching for the next big thing. Innovation drives the industry forward, and the trendsetters who stand out are going to rise above others. Tech industry veteran Alex Hern thinks he knows what’s going to trend in tech next. Virtual reality is a hot topic today, but he believes it’s going to be something much bigger in the future. His new company Tsunami VR is trying to sell virtual reality to a professional audience. He believes this professional audience is going to change how we think about VR. While virtual reality is a new technology, he seems to have a point.

The professional world is willing to accept new technology, but the technology needs to give benefits. The benefits of VR are in its immersive nature. When you use a VR device, you don’t simply type in text or talk into a mike. You can use gestures to send a message, and personal interactions tend to be more impactful. Business professionals may discover a use for virtual reality, and Alex Hern is at the forefront of providing them with the necessary technology. There isn’t anyone out there with the same drive towards bringing virtual reality into the business world.

Alex Hern’s track record in tech industry makes him one of the more respectable names around. Throughout the years, he has invested in some of the most important IPOs the tech industry has seen. He knows how to spot cutting edge technology before it takes over. The decision to focus on virtual reality with his new company Tsunami VR is an interesting decision. Other investors are joining him and investing as well. If the professional world takes a liking to Tsunami VR, it’s going to shape our future. Hern is trying to start a trend, and everything is in motion for him.

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Fortress Investment Group Takes Its Investment Decisions A Notch Higher.

1998 was the year in which Fortress Investment Group came into existence after being established by three of its founders, Rob Kauffman, Nardone Randal, and Edens Wesley. They had a common objective of transforming the investment and financial management sector into a customer-oriented industry by prioritizing the interests of the clients rather than the interests of the companies and organizations. All the three gentlemen had come from reputable financial corporations where they had gained adequate knowledge and skills that were necessary for the running of their new organization, Fortress Investment Group. For instance, Randal Nardone had been working as a finance and investment manager and later as a Chief Executive Officer at the BlackRock Financial Management. He had also practiced law in a renowned law firm in New York. This was after he had graduated from the Boston University with a Jury’s Degree in Law.

On the other hand, Wesley Edens had a very successful career before he joined Fortress Investment Group. He had been working in various firms and capacities all of which he maintained a very professional and friendly demeanor. He worked for organizations like the BlackRock and Lehman Brothers, both of which he operated as the managing director of the companies. The combination of the trio could never be better in the articulation of the company’s policies and agendas. They always gave the best leadership to Fortress Group, and as a result, the company has grown to become a mega investment management organization that is admired by many investors and clients in the industry.

One of the primary competencies that have enabled Fortress Investment Group to survive the stiff competition in the investment market is the huge reputation that the company has in the management of investment portfolios. Most people in the investment management industry are aware of the proficiency of the personnel of the organization in the art of wealth management. This has been as a result of the many industrial accolades that the organization has grabbed in several events that have been held by the industry’s authorities to compare the performances of companies in the sector.

Since 2006, Fortress Group has been in the limelight of the media due to the unique investment moves that the organization has taken. Most of them involve purchasing of other organizations while others involve critical decisions that have been aimed at improving the performance of the company. One such decision is the one that was made in 2007 by Peter Briger to allow Fortress Investment Group to trade publicly in the New York Stock Exchange.

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Betsy DeVos: Political Actor Or Hero?

Does Betsy DeVos practice political power moves or does she make charitable donations that go to help the public at large? The answer is both. She and her husband have made an astounding $139 million worth of charitable donations over the course of their lifetimes. That number dwarfs the amount that they have spent on political campaigns and causes. However, their activism in those political campaigns and causes is definitely to be recognized as well.


Betsy DeVos is currently the Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration. She made a lot of waves when she was first confirmed to this post largely because the vote was so close and some of her positions on education were considered to be so controversial. However, now that the fever has broken on a lot of that, DeVos is better able to take care of the business that she is in Washington to take care of.


This woman operates in a way that does not necessarily shine the spotlight on her. She much prefers to work in a way that does not cause people to stand up and take notice of her, but in a way that still works to get so much of what she believes in done. It is a balancing act that she has managed to perfect over the years. By being mild-mannered and polite in person, DeVos is able to fly under the radar for a lot of people. This means that she is frequently able to accomplish more than her counterparts simply because people are not paying attention.


Already there have been marks that DeVos has made as Secretary of Education. She has strongly advocated for more charter schools and has loosened the regulations required to get a charter school off the ground in the first place. This opens the door to the very real likelihood that we will all be seeing more of these types of schools in the near future. That is the dream and vision that DeVos has had for the country for such a long time, so it is fair to say that she is accomplishing at least some of what she wanted to in the first place.


Even though her political moves may be what the press takes up the most space writing about, it is unfair to say that this is all that she is about of course. There is the reality that she and her husband really have donated as much money as they have towards causes that they believe in. There have been people who have benefited from what they have done, particularly those in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. With that in mind, it is fair to say that the true picture of Betsy DeVos is a rather complex one. There is no reason to try to push her into one box or another. She is many things to many people all at the same time. Consider her to be something of a complicated figure that you can view through many different lenses.


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The Unbelievable Tale Of Talos Energy And Stone Energy Merger

The Unbelievable Tale of Talos Energy and Stone Energy Merger

Natural calamities don’t choose where to hit or the people who should be affected. The Hurricane Harvey is one of the disparaging disasters to hit Texas. Among the many affected residents was Tim Duncan the Chief Executive Officer and president of Talos Energy. Tim who resided at Kingwood, Texas, and North of Houston at the time endured the effects of the disaster in the unruliest way. Besides homes being destroyed and all streets impassable, Tim had to hoist his wife, Christy and their young son and dogs to the FEMA rescue boat.

Besides having to rescue his family and pets, Tim Duncan had also to change the course of his investment fate. Before the disaster, he had been organizing a $2.5 merger of his privately held company with Stone Energy Company, which was bankrupt and publicly traded. This was a great business move to make as his company would become a public entity and change its investment strategy.

While figuring out how to rescue his family and ensure they were safe, he also couldn’t let the floods be a pretext for a failed merger. Tim Duncan sought refuge to Alabama via a private plane together with his family. He returned to Texas and camped at his parent’s home and where he negotiated the deal. It is a merger that will rank Talos Energy among the best in energy sector.

Once the deal will be completed and the merger enacted, Talos Energy will take over Stone’s Energy. Tim Dancun will oversee the smooth running of an oil company with a yearly revenue of $900 million. The most rewarding asset that Talos will get from the merger is the Pompano initiative that was acquired from BP for $200 million. Tim will spearhead the company into new prospects and more so new drilling undertakings.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy was founded in 2012 by Timothy S. Dancun, John Parker, and John Harrison and Stephen Heitzman. It is a technically compelled as well as an independent gas and oil production exploration company. Talos looks forward to exploring and optimizing deep water assets it anticipates to get from its merger with Stone energy. Talos is going to use advanced techniques and technologies to explore, exploit and optimize these assets and provide its large clientele base with quality services and products.

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Why you should always consider joining a professional body according to Robert Ivy

Once you have completed your Bachelors or Masters, the next step is usually to find a job in the field you specialized. In most cases, within a few years, you will have decided whether that field is a fit for you or you can go back to school to equip yourself with more skills that can prepare you for a career change. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

One of the most important aspects of any profession is the ability to advance, and this can be aided by joining the Professional organization that represents that profession. For Architects, the AIA based in D.C is their professional organization. Robert Ivy, the Executive Vice President, and CEO spoke of the advantages of becoming a member of the said body.

One of the most important is the availing of educational resources. Professional bodies such as the AIA will in most cases maintain troves of newsletters, books, research papers and other relevant material that can aid in learning. Original research is one of the areas these organizations thrive in. They are able to encourage members to conduct the same and they in most cases retain a copy which could be used as learning material by other members.

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One of the easiest ways to network, according to Robert Ivy is by joining a professional organization. The reason behind this is that in most cases during events hosted by the organizations one is among peers. That way you are able to interact with other professionals who are at various levels in their careers. Information changes hands and this how you are able to learn about new opportunities and developments within the industry. Find jobs also become easier. Robert Ivy notes that through these professional bodies, it’s easier to get referrals and meet recruiting officers from institutions seeking to recruit members of your profession.

Professional bodies like the AIA are the main avenue through which architects can lobby for their issues. Robert Ivy and his team have been able to bring architects, issues to the forefront through advocacy groups. The ability to influence comes from members and the networks various members bring to the group. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

Paul Mampilly: How Blockchain Will Change Medicine

Medicine is changing as technology advances and blockchain might be one of the next big steps. Paul Mampilly has been watching the bitcoin craze take place over the last few years. While he doesn’t put much faith in the cryptocurrency itself, he is interested in blockchain technology that is used for it.

Paul Mampilly has a good feel for the market and has worked with corporations and even members of royal families to help them make financial decisions. While he may technically be retired from the financial industry, he is still hard at work giving advice to others about the next big thing. He publishes a newsletter through Banyan Hill Publishing Company called Profits Unlimited that provides advice and stock analysis to his many readers.

Lately, one of the big things that he has been discussing is the many different potential applications that he sees blockchain being potentially used for. When it comes to medicine, Paul Mampilly sees blockchain enabled pills being the wave of the future. It can be difficult for doctors to get a good idea of how effective the medication their patients are taking is. It’s usually done through the collection and analysis of blood and other bodily fluid samples and imaging.

With blockchain enabled pills that include sensors to measure chemicals in the bloodstream, doctors and patients will be able to track the effectiveness of their medication without ever leaving their house. Paul Mampilly understands that many people may not think these goals are realistic, but points out that Abilify is already implementing similar technology to track if the medication has been taken or not.

While measuring the effectiveness is important, tracking if the patient is taking the medication as instructed is also important. Many patients tend to forget their medication or take too much. By using similar methods as Abilify, doctors will be able to see if the problems with effectiveness are from the dosage or the patient not taking them properly.

It’s important to get into these types of investments early says Paul Mampilly. There is an enormous potential for growth and there are some companies available to invest in already. More information can be found by reading the Profits Unlimited newsletter.

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A Brief Look into the Career of Deidre Baggot – A Trusted Healthcare Business Strategist

Deirdre Baggot is a respected clinician, strategist for healthcare companies, and an innovative payment expert. Her reputation in the payment systems is based on her pioneering activity of the innovative bundled payments, starting with the Exempla Healthcare. She has also worked with multiple healthcare firms, participated in conferences, and written various research papers.

Baggot has a mix of business skills and nursing skills, which are integral in her roles as a healthcare executive. She studied Bachelor of Science (Nursing) at Southern Illinois University and also has a Health Care Executive Leadership Certificate from the Wharton School. Baggot also holds an MBA (General Business Management and Administration) from the Quinlan School of Business, Chicago. The epitome of her education is a Ph.D. From the Denver’s University of Colorado. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

After gaining substantial skills in healthcare administration, Mrs. Baggot began her hospital administrative career with the North Western Memorial Hospital. She worked at the Chicago-based hospital for six years as a Manager, Staff Michigan- Nurse, and a Resource Coordinator. After leaving the hospital in 2003, she joined the based Health System of the University of Michigan. Here, she was in charge of business analysis and oversaw administrative roles. Her stint lasted for three years, before leaving in 2006.

Between 2006 and 2010, Deirdre Baggot worked as a Senior Administrator for Colorado-based SCL Health. In this health system, she was in charge of the Vascular and Cardiac Unit. It is here that Deirdre Baggot realized significant success in her career. For instance, she was managing 450 company employees and led strategic planning, innovation, affiliate building, effective marketing, and acquisitions for the regional institute with 86 million dollars in funding. She also successfully applied the bundled payment program.

From 2010 to 2016, Baggot was the Senior VP of California-based GE Healthcare Partners. Here she continued her innovative designs to payment programs. Her success during this period saw her an invited to the Summit for National Bundled Payment as the Chair. She also featured on the Morning Edition and Planet Money of NPR.

After working with different health systems for two decades (including a Partner at ECG Consultants), Deirdre Baggot now works as a strategist for healthcare enterprises. Most ventures have already branded her a trusted advisor, and she stands to bring more innovations to healthcare systems. Learn more: https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/29148566_Deirdre_Baggot