Whitney Wolfe, Creating A World Where Both Women And Men Can Thrive Equally

Gender imbalance has always been a sensitive issue and tends to spark off heated debates whenever brought into the limelight. It is a problem that has been around for as far as we can remember yet it is the most overlooked one. However, with women like Whitney Wolfe who do whatever they can to support other women and tackle gender imbalance by its horns, there is hope at the end of the tunnel that one day, this problem will be a thing of the past.

Whitney Wolfe established Bumble, a dating app now turned social network in 2014, with the aim of tackling gender imbalance in dating. Through this app, Whitney dared to change what has always been deemed as the norm in dating across the world, by ensuring that women no longer have to wait for men to make the first move in dating. For a connection to be made through the woman has to make the first move for the match to be complete. Looking at the success she has today, there is no doubt that Mrs. Wolfe has indeed succeeded as Bumble now has over twenty million users and is quite a big company.

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Besides creating a favorable dating ground for women, Whitney is dedicated to empowering women by creating a workplace in which both genders can thrive. For instance, most females are often unable to ask for salary raises and promotions as they tend to feel guilty, while men often feel like they are entitled to such raises and are empowered when requesting for them. To eradicate this culture, Whitney Wolfe has created a system in her company where they hold a semi-annual review in which everyone is free and must talk about their salary. Even though not every income raise request is granted, the review makes it possible for everyone including women to fight for equal pay without any feelings of self-doubt and guilt.

Apart from the pay aspects, Whitney Wolfe also notes that mums are often forced to work three times harder in most workplaces due to lack of flexibility. In respect to that, she has created a company that is more like a haven for mothers as it has rooms where they can pump milk for their little ones and many playrooms which allow mothers to work without worrying about their kids as they can come to work with them.

Whitney Wolfe is indeed dedicated to women empowerment and creating a gender-balanced world because aside from the efforts mentioned above, she also goes on the extra mile by ensuring that every director role in her company is served by a woman, making it possible for females to hold senior positions that were previously considered suitable for males.

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