Graeme Holm, the NSW director of the brokerage Infinity Group Australia, brings the personal trainer concept in the form of using a long-term financial coach into finance. Their whole approach differs from the traditional brokers with their fact-finding and in-depth detailing focusing on the household expenses as well as the increasing needs of the family not only the wants. They work with customers across a broad variety of settings to grasp, fine-tune and help their customers in the implementation of weekly cash-based budgets for necessities like fuel, groceries, entertainment and travel expenses among others.


The company was established with the aim of assisting the Australian residents in the reduction of their debts, creation of wealth and securing their future. The company believes that success is guaranteed by the nature of a relationship with a client built on Integrity, Trust, Passion, and Care. They have a drive to fixing one home at a time since most of the Australian families have been dealt with a raw deal from the various financial institutions.


Graeme was searching for a personal trainer in 2012, and with the help of a mutual friend, he was introduced to Rebecca. In 2013, they both combined their passion for finance and needed for a better deal for mothers and fathers. They went into action working on a business strategy for six months and came up with the Infinity Group. They started working on Bec’s Nan and Pop’s home as well as 30 customers in 30 days after moving to Port Macquarie. They had already established their first firm by October with just a few desks and Emma, their first staff and receptionist.


By 2015 the organization had 25 members and started giving back to the community. Their first was the Jeep Giveaway Competition for clients which the Geary Family won. The organization provided scholarships annually to students from less fortunate families.


Wealth Creation can sometimes feel like a far-fetched dream with the extreme number of bills to be paid, getting dragged behind with the mortgage, or even not reaping the well-deserved rewards of the hard work one does. Infinity Group assists clients to review and secure their assets giving them the highest results. An example is the popular property investment which is a long-term investment opportunity.


Their expert strategists assist clients in creating the right property investment plan just like a fitness coach. They do not use any tricks or even schemes; they only work out a proposal from the knowledge gained from their client’s finances with their current position against where they should be. They also assist their clients in Debt Reduction which is the canceling or slowing of the debt growth which is owned by individuals or even companies. Learn more:

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