Can American Institute Of Architects Revitalize Our Cities With Healthier Buildings?

As the executive vice president of the organization, Robert Ivy has a keen viewpoint of how professionals in the American Institute of Architects (AIA) are shaping the industry. He sees younger architects coming to the field with innovative ideas that will ultimately shape how people interact with the buildings they occupy. There’s a growing expectation that the buildings people live in and work in should do more than merely provide shelter or space.

Already in recent years, Robert Ivy points out that architects have begun to design buildings that promote healthier living. He says buildings can be designed to help people combat degenerative illnesses, like heart disease and diabetes. Already, we’re seeing buildings that promote exercise by designing them in ways that people have to walk more to move between various locations. Mr. Ivy adds that newer buildings are being designed with greater emphasis on natural sunlight, better air circulation systems, and improved access to filtered drinking water.

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Additionally, the AIA chief executive officer says architects are paying closer attention to what materials are used in the construction of their buildings. In the past, we didn’t know that certain materials could cause health hazards, but we know better today. Architects are keeping this in mind, when designing their buildings, so those who occupy them won’t be risking their health.

This all leads Robert Ivy to the topic of the AIA’s new mantra. He says both experienced and young architects are tasked with designing buildings that promote healthier living, safer environments, and an overall better state of being. Architects are required to consider these factors in every phase of each project.

The best way to achieve these lofty goals is to involve professionals from other industries in the process. Robert Ivy says collaboration is the key to bringing architecture into the next era. He adds that, while architects can’t be experts on every subject, there’s much they can learn from other professionals. American Institute of Architects can work with tech professionals to incorporate state of the art advances into their buildings and consult healthcare professionals about the latest health and fitness discoveries. All of this can work together to create buildings that benefit us in many ways.

As smart home technologies begin changing office buildings, we can expect to see even bigger improvements. There’s no doubt that the American Institute of Architects will be at the forefront of those innovations as well. As architects design safer buildings that promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyles, even our jobs may change. Working in one of these revolutionary new buildings will reduce stress and make the workday more enjoyable.

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