Greg Secker: Trading and Charity

Being an entrepreneur is no easy task, especially when you are in your early 20’s. However, for people like Greg Secker, it is possible. When you really work hard and put your mind to it nothing is impossible.

Greg Secker is an American Businessman and an inspiration. Just this year he was able to personally visit and assist victims of the typhoon in Iloilo. He was able to work with famous boxer Nonito Donaire in helping those in need get homes. After the Typhoon hit, Secker was inspired to start an initiative called “Build a House, Build a Home.”His foundation: “The Greg Secker Foundation” has helped people all over the world and is an inspiration to us all, to reach out to those in need.

Not only is Greg the leader of the Greg Secker Foundation, but he is also a very successful businessman. Born on February 18th, 1975, Greg Secker prepared to take on the world. As he grew older he was able to go to college at the University of Nottingham. After he graduated he was able to get into the trading industry. He started by working with Thomas Cook Financial Services. This was a great start on his path to working in the trading industry.

By the time that Greg turned 25 he was the Vice President of the Mellon Financial Corporation. Since then he has started training people on the trading industry. He wants to share his knowledge of the industry with those who are curious and want to succeed. This is why he started the Knowledge to Action Group. Greg even travels around the world, speaking internationally to people educating them on the trading industry and how to be a successful entrepreneur.

When it comes to the trading industry, and helping those in need Greg Secker is the man to look up to.

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