Neurocore Mental Health Centers

It is a health, wellness, and fitness company established in 2004. It deals with diagnostics of the nervous system; brain performance and it offers Heart Rate Variability Training. The private company has around 200 employees and operates mainly in regions of Florida and Michigan states.

Children and adults tested at Neurocore Centers receive treatments aimed at enhancing their brain functions like stress management, sleep, and improved concentration. The treatments administered are varied based on an individual’s brain functions and the analysis it provides. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore provide mental solutions to many Americans who reach for professional help. Depression is a common mental disorder in America affecting up to 16 million adults annually. Though it affects adult women in many cases, it can affect people in both genders and at whatever age. Unfortunately, only a third of those with the illness seek treatment. For this reason, Mental Health Awareness month, May, so the suffering ones are persuaded to seek treatment.

Many unidentifiable factors cause depression but the two most significant are genetic inherence and stressful situations. There are many depression disorders. Starting with the Major depressive disorder, its where an individual has continuous and unavoidable sadness for two weeks. Such a person suffers from low self-esteem. In persistent depressive disorder, the symptoms last for even two years and more than but not as consistent as it is in major depressive stages. Postpartum depression affects women after childbirth to a year later. Lastly, the seasonal affective disorder is whereby an individual has symptoms at only particular seasons of the year when the sun is minimal. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The signs and symptoms are pronounced in some people while in others they do not show at all. Generally, they include sadness, too much or too little sleep, weight gain or loss, fatigue and lack of concentration. A depressed brain changes in structure. Depression victims commit suicide mostly. They see as the only lasting solution to their hopelessness and emptiness.

Researchers on depression need more funding. The disorder can be treated at whatever level its symptoms are advanced. Thus, the losses caused by underproductivity of the victims at work can be minimized.


Role of Artificial Intelligence in Redefining E-Commerce

Many are how the Artificial Intelligence (AI) influence the way people do things and perceive life in general; by the way in which people use appliances at home, to children playing with toys in the backyard. AI is also finding its way to the e-commerce and is changing how e-commerce is operated by the online investors. According to sources, it is predicted that by 2020, more than 85% of business shall be managed without marketers and representatives having to practically interact with clients. There are a few applications that are unique to the AI that make it an ideal tool for revamping the contemporary e-commerce platform.

Visual Search

Many clients are used to typing texts based on keywords to find items that they are looking for online. Well, that might be a thing of the past as far as AI’s Visual Search is concerned. With the Visual Search, the AI can analyze the pictures or photos submitted by clients to find an item that matches their search. This implies that there is going to be a replacement for texts with photos. Such a change is convenient for clients will be able to save time that they would otherwise waste while trying to browse for the many items till they find the one they are looking for.

Voice Search

Alongside using the pictures and images to find the right items, clients can use their voice to find the same online. By the use of speech, the AI is programmed to use that to analyze and find the item that is described by the voice. The voice search relies on Artificial Intelligence to find the right item without any form of inconvenience. It appears that the Voice Search is an improvement over the Visual Search, but they are both highly reliable and accurate for the clients.

Online Personal Shoppers

Today, it is possible to learn the shoppers shopping habit, courtesy of AI. What is more, this technology can be used by AI to present and avail the items related to the shopper’s shopping habit so that they do not have to spend a lot of time looking for them online. It is accurate and hence matches the current level of technology and consumers’ expectations.

The Artificial Intelligence has changed the e-commerce for the best. Soon, firms will easily interact with their clients without having to reach out to them personally. AI will take care of all the things that the clients happen to manifest interest in.



Rocketship Chartered School; A Ray of Hope for The Unprivileged

Helping those in need is a virtue that everyone in our societies should adopt. By supporting a single person, the ripple effects of this gratitude yields more gratitude and brings people together. That is why Preston Smith, the CEO and the co-founder of Rocketship Education sought to do by educating the young as a way of giving to the society.

Rocketship chartered schools are community-based schools that the society and the community. The schools built are left to the people within the community to name hence bringing quality education to the student and an enabling environment the community. They are therefore more concern with the affairs of school more.

The schools also allow parents to vet the teachers and head teachers of the school. This process that involves parents’ inclusion was initially used Unified School District in Los Angeles where parents decide the type of person they want interacting with their child for the most part of their day. This process ensures that teachers employed are of ethical virtues and can teach their kids. This makes it easy for children to learn good virtues and morals as they are a reflection of their teachers.

The Rocketship chartered school also has a personalized learning style that has blended with the standard curriculums. They focus on child values that are, integrity, gratitude, honesty, respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence. These values are made possible through their well-abled teachers and the personalized learning that help the children grow up to be people of character in the society.

They also give an opportunity for kids to grow on the social-emotionally level since they come from poor background and they may not have much back at home to hope for at the end of the day. Therefore, they have created a conducive environment where every child is accepted as they are and they can open up and be supported by the school or encouraged by the rest of the children.

The schools have received recognition for their work, and many industry players such as Facebook CEO and his wife have offered to develop personalized learning platforms for the kids to be able to have a natural time learning. Netflix CEO also has donated to the support local education such as one carried out by Rocketship chartered school.