End Citizens United; Activist For Campaign Funding Reforms

In the first quarter of this year, End Citizen United managed to collect over $4 million through fundraising ahead of the 2018 Congressional midterm elections. The organization expects to raise $35 million according to projections which are significantly higher than the $25 million got for the 2016 election. End Citizen United saw approximately 100,000 people contribute towards their project with 40,000 of the count giving for the first time. The contributions received an average $12 as more and more people Lack faith in the system. End Citizen United aims to elect leaders that are for campaign finance reforms. The organization in recent weeks urged contributors to donate towards the congressional campaign of Democrat Jon Ossoff and helped raise $500,000.

In 2010 a supreme court ruling discredited out 100 years campaign funding laws. The verdict in the case of Citizen United against F.E.C established a legal basis for the idea that corporations are people which opened doors for people to spend unlimited amounts of untraceable money in elections. The ruling changed the American election landscape and reduced accountability and transparency.

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This loophole prompted the formation of End Citizen United. Formed in March 2015, End Citizen United is a political action committee committed to fighting against large political donors that have ulterior motives. The political action committee funders are primarily grassroots contributors most of whom are ordinary people who feel like political funding groups rig the system. During its first year, the political action committee received over $2 million in support of their mission from small donors. End Citizen United is also committed to electing pro-reform candidates and keeping the issue of donors using the money to influence elections at the forefront. The political action committee also aims to pass pre-reform laws in states using ballot measures and demonstrate political power through grassroots membership.

The primary goal for End Citizen United is passing a constitutional amendment to reverse the 2010 Supreme court decision in the Citizen United case that allows corporations to pour dirty money into American elections. The political action committee started a petition that had 325,000 signatures as of 2016 to demand Senate pass the legislation. In line with its mission to back pro-reform candidates.

End Citizens United poured tens of millions into the campaigns of eleven democrat senate candidates including former Wisconsin senator; Russ Feingold and Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado who is reform-oriented. The PAC is willing to fund any candidates that can help in achieving its course. In the 2016 election, the political action committee partnered with Hillary’s campaign team to support the candidate’s election. End Citizen United has an active social media presence to reach more people who share similar views and inform the masses about pro-reform candidates.

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