NuoDB Surpasses the Traditional Database Approach

NuoDB is a type of an advanced form of elastic SQL database used recently in the cloud and container-based environment. NuoDB design is meant to deliver five fundamental needs. The first requirement that it gives is scaled out in which more computers are added and accommodation catered for whenever a machine is yanked out. Secondly, it never needs to be shut down. The third requirement is that both hardware and software are fault tolerant. The fourth being multi-site operation to enable business flow and the fifth is the automatic balancing. In addition to these five requirements by NuoDB, it also provides the ability to adjust database width and performance without compromising the data integrity, transactional uniformity, and change in the interface used to by the people.

The client-server era was characterized by the application of traditional rational database. However, the modern world has a different environment characterized by cloud and the container based. The cloud relational databases are the traditional databases that are cloud hosted or use traditional databases architecture. Monolithic architecture is queasy and expensive as compared to the distributed approach to database architecture with NuoDB. NuoDB’s approached is cheap, readily available and highly demanded. Besides these, rich SQL interface is maintained together with transactional consistency databases.

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