Tempus Co-Founder Eric Lefkofsky is Changing Cancer Care By the Horns

Tempus, the Chicago based business is creating software platforms that are checking data in volumes of the clinical data surrounding cancer treatments. The business is working together with hospitals and universities like the Mayo Clinic, the University of Michigan and also Duke University. Eric Lefkofsky knows how important technology is to the fight of cancer. He has had his own dealings with someone he loves undergoing cancer treatment.

The cancer center treatment centers are making changes in the way that patients are dealing with cancer treatments. The hope is to find more patterns, sequencing and information on why some people develop cancer while others do not. Cancer is especially common and each year, the number of people who have cancer is increasing.

Tempus is working to help physicians become less overwhelmed while collecting all the data they need and to analyze that data to create the information they need in one location to make it easier on everyone being treated and cared for during cancer treatments.

For Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus is creating a stir with their end to end solutions for cancer treatments. The hope is to collect all the right information and data and make that information available to hospitals, universities and even patients who are dealing with cancer treatments. Services are provided to the patients who are then compared to other individuals with similar conditions to create clinical trials that will create treatments that are effective to fighting cancer. To know more about him click here.

Tempus is a company that did not come about easily or because someone simply decided to wake up one day and create a business plan to help others in their cancer battles. For Eric Lefkofsky, when he developed Tempus, it wasn’t simply because he had made five other businesses successful but because the cause was personal to him. He knew going in with someone close to him who had cancer, he needed to make it easier for the knowledge to be gained by all doctors working on the patients care. It was this brilliant idea that helped to change how cancer treatment is done and how patients are cared for when they have cancer.

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