Evolution of Smooth Chapstick

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) has created a new trend for all chapstick users. EOS has been seen in tabloids and in your favorite celebrities hands for about seven years now. Many people ask how did they do it? Chapstick from other companies have been taking over drug stores for many years, so why would someone risk a business on something that is already established years with other companies? At the link here, EOS opened up how they went about their plan.

Chapstick has always came in that famous cylinder tube until EOS hit the market. The company did research that proved that most of the consumers of chapstick is women that use it daily as their beauty regime. Instead of sticking with the basic tubes, EOS lip balm decided to spice things up by removing the need to use your fingers to apply your lip balm and have a fun round rube to be a part of your everyday beauty care. The creators created a soft, round beauty tube that appeals to your senses from smelling amazing to having a cute case. The marketing company would then make evolutionofsmooth products chapstick affordable for consumers and competitive for the market by only pricing each unit around three dollars.

EOS then chose to appeal to millennials as their target audience. They had an advantage in doing this by using the media influences to market their product. Famous people began using the product along with everyday beauty bloggers on YouTube and Facebook promoting the cute, affordable product for women. Since the creation of the round EOS chapstick, other developers have tried placing their products in the round tube to boost their sales. EOS emerged as a household product and still uses catchy saying and media to influence the sales to their audiences.

Check out the product gallery on https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/.

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