Branding Your Company with Wikipedia

Branding your business is one of those intangible assets that you can’t really put a value on. However, it is important not to be mislead into thinking this means that it has no value. Branding is something that is important to every business. It is the thing that makes consumers turn to you, rather than your competitors, when they are in need of the products or services you offer. While they may not immediately make a purchase as soon as they become aware of your company, proper branding ensures that your business will be sitting in the back of their mind.

Companies that are working to brand their company through increasing their online presence should not overlook the value of creating a Wikipedia page. With businesses like Get Your Wiki, it is quick and easy to develop a page that will draw more attention to your business. Wikipedia is viewed as a valuable source of information and is often the first place consumers turn to check facts. Having a Wikipedia page shows consumers that your business is important. It also increases the likelihood that they will think of your business when they are in need of what you offer.

When you make a Wikipedia page to brand your company its important that your page provides factual information about your company without trying to push consumers to make a purchase. This helps to build the consumer’s trust in your business. The writers and editors at Get Your Wiki have experience in creating Wikipedia pages that do just this. If you are not comfortable creating a page on your own you may consider turning to them for assistance so that you can ensure that your Wikipedia page gives the right impression. You’ll find that the value of branding yourself correctly cannot be overstated.

If you’re still curious why it is better to hire Wiki experts to create your page and keep it updated, here is an article by Get Your Wiki outlining some damaging edits made to different profiles that negatively affected businesses and/or reputations:

Live Wealthy And Healthy Life With The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is a wealth advisory firm based in Winter Garden, Florida. The firm offers various services to any individual looking to become successful. This includes individual investors who are struggling to manage their money and would like to get information that will help their businesses to stand out. The company also works with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them secure skills that will guide them in understanding the market better. Generally, the company helps those who would like to make a step further into improving their lives.

Making life easier
The Midas Legacy is focused on wealth management, so anyone in need of specialized support will find their services useful. The company supports with a plethora of investors, who seek help with financial planning.

Wealth management is an area many people struggle with, but with the right advisory, it has become easier for investors and individuals to manage their empires and to make informed decisions that generate more wealth. The Midas Legacy is made up of professionals in different areas, who will work together to deliver solutions to their clients. There are professionals who deliver services that touch on retirement planning and how to execute various plans. With different levels of expertise, the firm stands out as a strong force that is focused on putting smiles on the faces of their clients.

There are also research experts who also offer information about passive income and retirement planning. They teach investors how they can diversify their portfolios while minimizing taxes. The Midas Legacy opens doors for investors through tips and strategies that are effective.

Social responsibility
The Midas Legacy also supports social movements that are established for a good cause. The company donates towards several charities. These charitable organizations include the Give Hope Foundation, which helps families that are battling childhood cancer. The Florida Sheriffs Association recognizes The Midas Legacy as a Gold Business Member due to the amount of donations the company offers to the organization.

Leave a legacy
With research and support from experts, The Midas Legacy offers wealth management advisory services that are focused on retirement and continuity of business even in the absence of the owner. The company works with renowned professionals like Mark Edwards, a natural health specialist with massive experience in natural cures. He offers secrets that are kept by corporations and advises about prescriptions and what you should avoid to have a healthier living.

Get a closer look at the inner-workings of the Midas Legacy by reading this article:

Reviewing Benefits and Strengths of Medicare Advantage Plans

A majority of people with Medicare receive health coverage through Original Medicare while others prefer Medicare Advantage. Note that Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage are two different forms of healthcare management although they stem from the same root: Medicare. When you enroll to a Medicare Advantage plan, you do not cease to hold membership in Medicare, meaning you are required to submit monthly premiums for both Part A and B plans.

How to choose a plan
There is no definite formula that determines what one chooses; rather it’s in the discretion of the user to choose what plan they prefer. However, this does not mean to assume you are in the best position to choose the most accurate plan for your health with InnovaCare Health. You need to spend some time shopping around and learning about the different plans available in the market before reaching at a verdict.

Check whether your doctor or hospital is included in the Medicare Advantage networks since not all health institutions offer the benefits. You may also need to consider the type of medications you take because some plans don’t include prescription drugs.

Do I qualify for enrollment?
This is a question posed by many people looking to join the network. To join Medicare, the requirements are simple. All you need as a first qualification is to enroll in Medicare Part A and B.

InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is simply redefining healthcare management through modern reforms and application of technology that is focused at enhancing efficiency. The company has focused on providing high-quality Medicare Advantage and Medicaid services as well as coming up with innovative provider network systems. InnovaCare has managed to gain a membership base of at least 200,000 individuals and the platform is gradually growing. According to the management of the company, keeping their focus on ensuring the satisfaction of patients has driven them to take a top position in the market.

Under the leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto their CEO, InnovaCare has grown and developed networks within the U.S. Dr. Richard Shinto enjoys over 20 years working as a clinical and healthcare professional in managed care. He has also chaired other bodies like NAMM, where he held position as the Chief Medical Officer. With help from the Chief Administrative Officer of the company, he has been able to effectively implement development agendas. Penelope Kokkinides works hand in hand with other professionals within InnovaCare to avail solutions to problems and to strategize for the sake of growth.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health:

How creating a Wikipedia page will benefit your business

Many people understand that to succeed in online marketing, they need a strategy. However, not as many people understand that to make this happen, unconventional marketing tools have to be applied. One of these tools is the Wikipedia page creation. There are many marketers that have included a page on Wikipedia in their sales plans and they claim that it is driving the sales up.

Wikipedia is very different from the other tools that are used in marketing. This is because it makes use of its own style and anyone is allowed to chip in to the content. Many people tend to ignore the directory, but if done right, it can do a lot of good to the business. There are several steps that you are supposed to take when you decide to make a Wikipedia article as part of your marketing strategy:

• The creation of a page on Wikipedia
• Getting back links for Wikipedia
• Making sure that a positive presence is maintained on the page
• Taking advantage of the sister projects that are part of Wikipedia

Most marketers that have a Wikipedia page state that it helped improve their search engine ranks and also jumpstarts the knowledge graph on Google. Note that it is advisable to allow professionals to create a Wikipedia page. These are the people that understand the guidelines of content creation and will not be flagged down for citations and related issues. Start by asking whether you qualify for a page on Wikipedia, when your experts state that you meet the parameters, let them help you make the page.

Most people think that backlinks from Wikipedia are worthless because they are no follow. However, the reality is that they carry a lot of weight. When you have no follow links, your brand will be more visible and will contribute to the diversity of the links. Make sure that a professional such as the Wikipedia experts at Get Your Wiki build the links because they are not easy to make to the right standards.

Note that Wikipedia is open source, which means that anyone can access and edit a Wiki page regardless of whether or not they created it themselves. To prevent malicious people from making edits to your content, you have to keep checking from time to time. One of the best ways to monitor Wikipedia without getting online every hour is signing up for notifications. The best way to manage all these functions without missing a beat is getting competent people such as Get Your Wiki experts to help you create a presence there.

Trying the Wen Cleansing Conditioner: A brief summary

WEN by Chaz Dean is a product everyone seems to be familiar with; But what happens when somebody actually tries it for themselves and then posts a day by day account of using this cleansing conditioner. Yes, somebody tried it and posted the result of using this extraordinary hair cleansing conditioner. Emily Mclure, a beauty blogger from New York thought of giving this a shot and seeing the results for herself and us of course. As a person who loves beauty products and posting about them. Emily took the opportunity upon herself and using the Sephora endorsed Wen Cleansing conditioner.


A day by day account of the experience was posted by Emily which spanned a total of 7 days which can be seen on the hyperlink below:


A little surprised with the using of the conditioner Emily used a total of 10-16 pumps of the Wen Cleansing conditioner. The instructions lay out that 10-16 pumps should be used for short cropped hair, 16-24 pumps for medium hair and 24-32 pumps for long hair. Emily says that she instantly felt better after using the conditioner. Her hair started feeling thicker and she experienced no hair fall as usually the case with washing long hair. The regular use of the cleansing conditioner made some amazing changes to Emily’s hair as has been written by her. She started feeling the effects on her hair right from day 1. By the end of Day 7, her hair was shinier and felt relatively less greasy after using it.


About Wen By Chaz Dean


Wen by Chaz dean is a revolutionary hair cleansing product that has been trusted and recommended by people of all age groups. From celebrities to fashionista’s, everyone who has used the product has vouched for its effectiveness. Started by Chaz Dean a hair stylist and photographer in the early 90’s with the aim of providing complete hair care solution to its clients, Chaz Dean became a household name in California with big celebrities endorsing the Wen hair and cleansing conditioner. The response to the product has been astounding with Wen becoming the favorite choice of hair cleansing conditioners among the general public. Visit Wen channel on YouTube for more information.

Wen product link:



David Osio Enhances his Philanthropic Initiatives

Financial advisor David Osio recently demonstrated his commitment to making a difference in the society by expanding his philanthropic endeavors. Osio is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to charity work, due to his unwavering support for medical research, art, music, and the community.

Over the past two decades, David Osio has collaborated with countless non-profit organizations in areas such as Geneva, Miami, Panama City, where he develops his businesses. Besides leading Davos Financial Group, he has focused on supporting charitable organizations around the globe. All independent firms under Osio’s leadership have specialized in boosting a culture of corporate social responsibility. Their charitable giving programs have targeted community-based organizations that support culture and art.

Past Efforts

• Mr. Osio extended his support to the Miami Symphony Orchestra and served on its board of directors as a member. His efforts were driven by the desire to see the Orchestra in full operation over an extended period.

• Mr. Osio has also acted as a supporter of the Children’s orthopedic foundation. This organization takes part in offering assistive initiatives and interventions to children with the orthopedic condition.

• The financial advice guru has provided back-to-back donations to UMA Foundation, Fundana Foundation, and Wayuu Taya Foundation. Additionally, he also funded one of the finest art centers known as Saludarte Foundation based in Miami. With such contributions, David Osio has garnered awards, coupled with international recognition for the service to humanity.

David Osio

David Osio attended the Catholic University Andres Bello and obtained a law degree. His career kicked off by serving as the CEO of OPED enterprise. Here, he was charged with the task of structuring market programs for different products in America. Mr. Osio joined MGO, a law firm situated in Caracas and began exercising his experience in banking law. He offered financial advice to multinational corporations including consolidated bank and the Ferro Corporation. He advocates for collective decision-making and handling of tasks.

Inception of Davos Financial Group

In 1993, Mr. Osio took a major step of establishing his business empire. The inception of Davos Financial group was received with positivity. Davos was the first business in Venezuela committed to offering financial advice to a selected group of clients. Since incepting his company, he has provided perceptive leadership and facilitated its growth on an international scale. Mr. Osio points out that the key to efficient business growth lies in dedication to client service, adherence to high standards, and commitment to research.


Marc Sparks is moving his office

Marc Sparks is one of the most innovative businessmen in the world. Throughout his career, Marc has started numerous companies and he has assisted many start-ups as well. Recently, Marc made his mark on the world of philanthropy by creating Spark Tank, and now Marc is reinventing offices.

Marc currently serves as CEO and owner of Timber Creek Capital, LP, a private equity firm that specializes in helping passionate entrepreneurs reach their dreams. The firm has spent the last decade in its’ current office space, but Marc wants to change the way his office works. Timber Creek will be moving to a new office space that is optimized for collaboration and is specially designed for startup incubation. Changing offices will allow Timber Creek to permanently change the way the company offers goods and services to their clients.

Marc Sparks was eager to share the news with the media. He believes that starting a successful business requires access to all of the tools businesses need for success. By moving to this new location, Marc believes his company will be able to offer a vast assortment of quality tools. The new design will allow his company to fully support three different companies within the facility. Marc is confident that they can offer an extensive incubation period that will ensure success for the company.

Marc Sparks has spent his career helping start-ups get off the ground, and in his experience having a quality work environment is at least 25% of the ingredients needed to achieve success. Marc wants Timber Creek’s office to inspire businesses to succeed, so he is not cutting corners when it comes to where his start-ups will work.

Marc has studied office floor plans extensively in recent years, and he has noticed several trends in successful offices. Every successful office has a specific flow that maximizes collaboration and output. Marc has built the new Timber Creek Capital offices to emulate these offices, and he feels the new project will be very successful.

Timber Creek Capital is a unique private equity firm. They take on a few companies at a time. When companies are working with Timber Creek they have access to mentorship, and other valuable resources like marketing, capital, office space, and banking. When an entrepreneur is part of Timber Creek all of their needs are taken care of so they can focus on taking their company to new heights.

Marc Sparks loves mentoring young companies, and he strongly believes that this new office will allow him to take Timber Creek to the next level. He looks forward to the next generation of businesses at Timber Creek. He knows the new floorplan will make all the difference, and he looks forward to seeing the results.