Keeping up with criminal networking behind bars

Two of my family members are correctional officers at a maximum security prison. Safety is paramount, so any opportunity to circumvent a potential hazard is worth looking into. Recently we heard of a new technology that, I feel, will have a profound impact on criminal networking within the jail and prison system. The new technology is the Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search, from the inmate communication company Securus JLG Technologies. Securus has shown itself to be a leader in the realm of criminal justice and inmate monitoring. Securus has enjoyed a successful history with over 2,600 contracts with correctional facilities in the United States. Securus has also received accreditation form the Better Business Bureau.


The IPRO 4.0 is capable of determining if multiple prisoners are calling a particular party. This is where the voice search feature can shine. The software allows for investigators to take a sample of the caller, or called person’s voice. The voice can then be cross referenced, with its immense database of incarcerated inmates’ voices. It is also possible to identify if the called party was once incarcerated. Finally, it can indicate if any current prisoners are talking to the released inmate. The voice search can be coupled with other IPRO 4.0 features to help investigators perceive patterns that criminals may be using through the prison telephone system


From the information gathered, one can begin to identify trends of certain inmates. This, I believe, will significantly cut down on criminal networking behind bars. Perhaps, it will also be instrumental in implicating an “unseen hand“, that otherwise would not be detected.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Great Review Continue To Roll In From Women Who Love WEN By Chaz Dean

When it comes to hair care and styling, there is nearly an unlimited supply of different products out there for women to buy. Chaz Dean has took the initiative to create a product that will work on all women’s hair and promises to give the results they’ve always dreamed off, for those who have problematic hair. Bustle Magazine recently published an article under their writer Emily McClure, who tested out the product after hearing so many good things from people she knew. She had decided to try out the product for a period of a week and then write up a review to her readers on how she thought the product actually was. However, it didn’t take long for Emily to start seeing results in her hair, which left her ecstatic. Not only was she seeing more shine and feeling her thicker locks, but she noticed less hair fall in general around the bathroom.
Wen hair cleansing conditioners have managed to find their way to the top of hair care products lists especially on Sephora because of how well they can work on so many different women’s hair. Not only this but they are able to take up the position of other typical shampoos, conditioners, and detanglers. No stripping or dry hair will be found with WEN, even while using it with other styling products, as long as they don’t contain harsh chemicals. Their conditioners come in a variety of scents, to leave the hair smelling fresh and clean. The actual WEN product does not need normal lathering in the shower and has a rich consistency, and it works well. Now, women are able to stay in their own homes and get results that would normally require treatment and a lot of money from a good salon, for the cost of a small bottle of WEN. Get Wen hair care products here:

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I Signed Up For FreedomPop Services When I Moved

I spent a whole day in my new place reading a FreedomPop review as well as other reviews that talked about cell phone companies. I was anxious to get my cell phone service on again but had no idea which of the many companies in town I would choose. After spending time looking into FreedomPop, I knew what I had to do. What I like about FreedomPop is that I can order anything from their website, including cell phones, tablets, and different services. I decided to sign up for cell phone service online because I already had my Internet service turned on, and I received my phone within a matter of days.

I also chose FreedomPop because of the low prices they offer, especially since their prices are much lower when compared to other companies. I did do some calling around to check prices, and FreedomPop has the lowest price that I’v found, which is only $20 per month for their cell phone service. Every other company was starting at $50 a month for the unlimited services that FreedomPop was offering me, so I would’ve been a fool if I chose to pay $30 more per month for cell phone service.

I didn’t really care whether I got 4G data on my phone or not because I don’t use data as much as the next person might. As long as my GPS is able to run the way it should, I’m happy with my cell phone. I have a lot of running around to do in town, and since I’m new to the area, I just need to make sure that my phone service can allow me constant access to my GPS, which is what FreedomPop does. I’ve had perfect call connectivity throughout the time I’ve been using FreedomPop, so I am enjoying the service.

Another service from FreedomPop I decided to get is the Wi-Fi service because it’s only five dollars, which is more than affordable. There are so many locations in town that have FreedomPop hotspots that I can stop at a café or even at a park and still be able to get FreedomPop Wi-Fi service. My five dollars a month that’s paid to FreedomPop gives me unlimited Wi-Fi at 4G speeds, and I’m able to share that Wi-Fi with some of my other devices. FreedomPop is a company that makes me very happy because their services are great.

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Richard Blair Adores Financial Guidance and Education

Investment advisory services can be highly beneficial to many people in this world. If you want to make all of your financial objectives come true at some point, it can help a lot to seek out professional investment advisory assistance. People often find it difficult to make plans that involve accomplishing their financial wishes. Assistance from seasoned and knowledgeable professionals, however, can often make financial planning significantly easier and more efficient.

Investment advisory can go a long way for people who are committed to the idea of money security. It can also be advantageous for people who don’t want to have to stay awake at night agonizing over their financial futures and what may be ahead. Investment advisory assistance can be invaluable for people who want to consider vital factors such as taxes, liquidity requirements and annual income. It can also be helpful for people who want to do things within certain amounts of time.

Richard Blair is an example of a respected professional who knows a lot about the realm of investment advisory. He’s the head of Wealth Solutions, an investment advisory company that’s located in beautiful Austin, Texas. Blair is a noted financial advisor who wants to assist businesses and families alike. Blair has always cared deeply about education. That may be due to his upbringing. His grandmother and mother both worked as educators. He even married a teacher! Blair examined the women in his life and realized that they did so much for their students. He developed a deep grasp of the extraordinary power of education. He saw that learning can help students feel good about themselves. He saw that learning can greatly enhance peoples’ minds and thought processes.

Blair isn’t only passionate about education. He’s also someone who has significant financial savvy. He decided to make the most out of his money expertise and interest in education by focusing on financial planning. This prompted him to create Wealth Solutions back in 1994. His aim with Wealth Solutions was to give people access to fair, accurate and reasonable financial planning guidance. Blair routinely works with individuals who want to make arrangements for their upcoming retirements. He strives to assist people by helping them steer clear of mistakes that many others encounter.

Blair attended the University of Houston. He majored in finance. His pastimes include cycling, working out and golf. He has three kids with his beloved wife.

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Kate Hudson Shows Off Fabletics

While it is good to focus on products, even a store with all of the best products is not going to get very far without marketing. Fortunately, JustFab’s Fabletics has Kate Hudson who is willing to not only model the types of clothes that are available, but also showcase the styles that Fabletics has. For one thing, the types of active wear that Fabletics is selling are more than worth the advertising. There are a lot of styles that people have to see to believe. When they see the style, they will then gain interest in what the store has to offer.

Fabletics has started off from JustFab, which is a monthly subscription service that offers plenty of unique clothes for women that would not be found anywhere else. Fabletics was started when Don Ressler has noticed a limitation in variety when it comes to active wear. He then met with Adam Goldenberg as well as some others involved with the giant fashion enterprise in order to come up with new designs that will not only gain the interest of people, but also make people feel good about wearing them. This design on Pinterest is also known as “athleisure”. These are clothes that are designed with the possibility of being used for workouts as well as going out to events.

With the style of athleisure, people will be able to discover some styles that are fun to look at and fun to wear. These clothes from Fabletics are a lot different from the boring and boxy fits that are sold in a wide variety of stores. If there is anything that keeps women interested in fashion, it is the variety of clothes that they can choose from on This allows them to find a lot of items that will not only look good, but will also make them feel confident.