One Young Lady Documents Her Use Of Wen By Chaz With Bustle

Your hair is a mess and you’ve tried everything from expensive salon treatments and beauty market products and none of them work. You’re at your breaking point with your hair and need an emergency solution that meets your requirements and budget. You’ve been hearing about Wen by Chaz Dean [], but you’re not sure of how it works. You’ve seen the infomercial and wonder if it produces the locks that you’ve seen on the models. After all, Wen by Chaz says its great for men and women and all hair care types. Now you have the option of s hair magic in a bottle for under $40 on Amazon.
One college student decided to use her own money and buy Wen by Chaz using it for the first time and reporting the results to the Bustle readers. She decided on the strengthening conditioner for her thin hair type. She had plans to use it for one week after each wash. She was amazed with the results after her trial period. She noticed her hair didn’t break off as much as it use to in the shower. At the end of the week she noticed healthier hair and it was visibly stronger.

She now recommends Wen by Chaz to all the Bustle readers for a fraction of the cost of other products. You’ll get all natural products with no harmful additives. Making sure your customers get the treatment that they need for their hair with a high level of excellency is very important. Get your hair back with the nourishment of green tea oil and other rich products. They provide a rich aroma that will leave you feeling rejuvenated after a long day. Your hair is the first step in building your confidence and Wen by Chaz can help. You’re encouraged to visit their website and YouTube channel for more details and product information.


Securus Technologies Is Bettering The World Of Correctional Facilities Through ConnectUs

ConnectUs Automated Forms may not seem like a game-changing innovation, but it assuredly is. There are several reasons for this, chief among them the expediency with which infrastructural paperwork can now be dealt with. ConnectUs Automated Forms cuts out the middle-man at correctional facilities. Where before, an inmate would have to fill out a form and physically get it to a guard, who would then have to physically transport it to the right spot, where it would be eventually attended to, now all an inmate has to do with ConnectUs is hit the “Send” button. The program is automated, and so transmits information to those who process it immediately, where they can get through it as time permits.

ConnectUs is produced by Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies developed in the eighties, and as of today boasts over 2,600 corrective facilities among their constituency, and over 1.2 million inmates using the technologies they’ve developed. Via ConnectUs, there will be substantial savings in time and money, but there is another area often unconsidered which has positive benefit as well. Oftentimes inmates may not receive the best correctional care. They may be shuffled through the cracks and lost. With ConnectUs, this is going to happen less often. Notifications can be set to remind caseworkers of forms which need addressed. Meanwhile, inmates can see whether or not their issue has been seen to, and so refrain from taking guards away from meaningful duty to ask pointless questions.

Securus Technologies is always on the lookout for the next big technological breakthrough, and ConnectUs is just one installment in an already decades-long track record of exceptional technological delivery. What the future holds for this organization is impossible to guess, but if the successes from ConnectUs are any indication, the sky is the limit. It’s no wonder Securus has become accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

The Medical Industry Begins To Understand The Power Of Online Reputation Management Companies

Online reputation management is an area of business that various industries have accepted more readily than others as the Internet plays an increasingly major role in the lives of people from all walks of life. Family Practice News explains how members of the medical industry are now beginning to understand the power users of the Web have and are seeking help in fighting negative reviews. The reputation of any business in the 21st century is now linked ever more closely to the continued rise of the Online reviews that are used by potential customers to choose their medical provider.
Reviews continue to give unnamed Internet users the power to make or break a business Online and in the physical domain, which can leave an unprepared company open to potential problems from negative reviews. Online reputation management experts like Status Labs understand that even the best reviewed companies will have a number of negative reviews from disgruntled customers who may have had a poor customer service experience, or simply had unrealistic expectatins prior to their visit to a medical practice. Increasing numbers of medical practices are now turning to Online reputation management specialists to make sure the negative reviews that may appear on their Website do not have a disruptive effect on the business as a whole.

Online reviews can come in many forms and become a major issue when they are of a negative nature, such as those posted to video sharing platforms that include images as well as negative text. The difficulty many medical practices face is having negative reviews removed from review Websites without the aid of professional marketing experts. A further way Online reputation management specialists are seeking to control the flow of reviews is by collecting them at the point of service in a bid to make sure large numbers of positive reviews make their way onto the Internet; by controlling the flow of information to the Internet negative reviews can be diluted to form only a small number of those available Online.