George Soros on the Value of Ukraine

George Soros, chairman of the Soros Fund Management and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations, is a renowned columnist and author of many books on financial events and concepts. Writing on the topic of Ukraine, George Soros discusses the sanctions imposed by the U.S. and other European countries against Russia and Ukraine, why these sanctions hurt Europe’s economic growth, and why Europe needs the new Ukraine more than the old Ukraine.

Writing on the topic of sanctions by the U.S. and other European countries against Russia and Ukraine, George Soros argues that Ukraine is an integral part in stimulating the European economy and keeping it fired up. He states that while sanctions are necessary against Russia due to the fact sanctions divert war, it in fact damages each economy, causing economic stagnation instead. Sanctions against Russia, however, should continue to be instated until Putin and Russia decides to back down its aggression.

Soros instead proposes that Europe and the U.S. should provide economic stability to Ukraine in order to jumpstart its economy and bring investors and exports to the country. Instead, Soros says, the European Union treats Ukraine as just another country to provide some financial assistance to instead of reinvigorating its economy. In addition to assisting the economy of Ukraine, the country can eventually return its aid to its creditors, and not only that, a new country would join the European economy.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Soros additionally states that it is important to save Ukraine before it is too late. He states that because of Ukraine’s new policies, which haven’t been passed or encouraged to get passed, the country is in a much better state in Europe to bring more to the economy of the Union. Soros says that Europe shouldn’t want the old Ukraine back, one that was dominated by an oligarchy and deterred with corruption. The new Ukraine, Soros argues, would bring more to the European economy. A transformed Ukrainian economy would cause Russia to back down on its aggression and revitalize the crumbling European Union.

George Soros’ writings on the financial situation in Ukraine and Russia offer a glimpse into the solutions of not just stopping Russian aggression, but also avoiding war and economic woes. Since Russia is trying to gain an alliance with China in order to weaken the United States global dominance of the world economy, it is easy to see why George Soros proposes helping Ukraine financially, which would in turn make it easier for Ukraine to defend itself against Russia, causing Putin to lose one battle. Soros says that Europe doesn’t want the old Ukraine back. New Ukrainian policies, which would radically change the country, are the best direction to head in for Europe.

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Madison Street Capital COOs win further highlights the firms winning mentality Anthony Marsala

For the past 13 years, Anthony Marsala, as the co-founder and COO, has guided Madison Street Capital (MSC) to significant heights. He is a Graduate of the Loyola University of Chicago. He holds a Finance and Information Systems degree and a Masters Diploma in strategy. With his range of skills and experience, Marsala is a young gun to reckon with as a future investment banking leader. To add to his impressive CV, the Chicago Tribune reports that he is now an Honoree of 2015 40 Under Forty. When receiving an award, Marsala confirmed the company’s commitment to middle market investments.

While most companies want to play it safe in the investment scene especially global firms, most of them shun middle and upcoming market. MSC identifies with the upcoming market knowing that it gives them a noble impetus to know that they are impacting change.

Marsala views this as the MSC blueprint where firms in established markets notably American firms, ventures out of their comfort to give much-needed advice and guidance to companies in other markets.

40 Under Forty win

The award is a program by The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). NACVA hosts an annual gala where forty honorees are chosen from a pool of emerging leaders. It is not an easy feat to be nominated by a panel of experts in respective fields.

Brien K. Jones, NACVA Executive Vice President, reiterated the 40 Under Forty program’s mission saying that it is a voice for the young and upcoming leaders who are ready to set leadership blueprints.

The 40 Under Forty is an avenue for a young and a disruptive brand of leadership. Those who are tired of traditional methods. Those who want to shun tried and proven method with new and exciting methods.

Marsala Joined the forty from a pool of 125 drawn from various fields notably M & A where he has practiced for the better part of his career. His recognition stems from his efforts to initiate Madison’s presence in Europe, Africa, and Asian countries.

Madison Street Capital

It is an international investment banking firm whose global presence is already gaining significant traction. According to their website, MSC is implementing a shift in Focus to middle market investment for both private and publicly held companies.

To achieve this, MSC is committed to excellence and integrity. Through this commitment, Madison is capable of delivering a wide range of services. Their niche specialty areas include mergers and acquisitions, M & A, and corporate finance and advice.

Luckily for MSC, they now pride themselves to have a top leader in their ranks.

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Securus Makes Video Calls Much Easier For Everyone

Securus has been the best place for people to go when they need to make video calls, and that is why our ministry uses it. I have been trying to get out church to use Securus as much as possible, and I am very pleased with the fact that a lot of people are going to be able to get the results that they want when they use the app. I think a lot of people do not realize how it works when they are trying to make calls, and they will be able to get a video feed into the prison.

We are impressed with it because we cannot make our way into the jails on our own. We will see the inmates we are working with, and we will talk to these people to see what can be done to help them turn their lives around. We have a lot to discuss with them, and then we can talk over things with them so that they can be ready to get out. We want to check on them to see that they are alright, and we are going to see what their condition is if we need to file a complaint.

We have been very lucky to have the Securus app because they are helping us to reach out to as many people as possible. We are going to get a video feed into every jail, and then we are going to have a way of talking to all these inmates without much interruption. We are all doing this on our mobile devices, and we are going to find out that it is much easier for people to get the results that we need. We are committed to inmates, and that is why we use Securus to make each call.


All about Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a division in banking which provides advisory services and funding to individuals and corporate clients. It is different from local banking in that it is not concerned with issuing or depositing of money. Investment bankers provide the necessary knowledge and expertise in reference to investment banking. Martin Lustgarten is one of the most successful investment bankers of all time. The Miami, Florida resident is also the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin, a well-known investment-banking firm in Florida. Martin is said to be one of the most renowned financial investment bankers in America and as a result of this, his firm has become one of the most sort after for his services.
Countless articles have been written about Martin and his expertise, when it comes to giving people advice on matters concerning investment banking. Martin understands the importance of treating his clients the right way and as a result, a well spoken of successful businessman/ investment banker. However, the one thing that differentiates him from his counterparts in this field is that, he maintains his stand on putting people first before profits.
Martins approach to Investment banking.
First and foremost, one needs to be familiar with finances and have good understanding of financial services. Secondly, he says that it is important that one is conversant with the field that he or she is advising the customer on. According to Martin, classroom knowledge is not enough to be a successful investment banker. Thus, one of the traits of Martin that make him a star in this field is that he follows market cycles. This enables him understand the market better during transactions.
So why use Investment banking services?
Investment banking plays a key role in the market due to the following reasons:
1. They advise investors on best practices on the stock issue and placement in stock markets.
2. They aid mergers and acquisition of companies.
3. They facilitate reorganization and broker trades in both local and international markets.
4. They help in the trading of securities.
5. They help their clients with underwriting of new debts as well as equity securities.
Although investment banking is considered complex by some individuals, investment bankers save a lot of hassle with their expertise. Advice given by individuals like Martin is sure to help you as they have professional knowledge and years of experience to top it up.

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By George, He’s Got It!

Influential billionaire investor George Soros has joined with many other public figures in pledging his support for Britain to remain members of the European Union just days ahead of the controversial vote about to take place. George Soros claims that a vote in favor of leaving the European Union would send the U.K.’s economy into disarray and play havoc with the value of the British Pound. The results would be worse than that of the infamous Black Wednesday, which happened nearly a quarter of a century ago.

He expressed his concerns in an op-ed piece for Britain’s leading newspaper, The Guardian. George Soros warned that the Pound call fall as much as 20 percent, which would negatively affect the standard of living in the country in a severe fashion. Most voters would be condemning themselves to a life of poverty, while speculators could stand to become even more obscenely rich. This is heavy warning for him to give as Soros made huge amounts of money by betting against the performance of the Pound in 1992.

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George Soros – Project Syndicate

If the Pound does plummet, there is nothing the Bank of England could do to help alleviate the situation, as it did in 1992 by cutting interest rates, because interest is already at a rock bottom level. Since Britain is so heavily dependent on foreign capital at this point in time, the economy would be wrecked. Financial currents would start to flow in reverse as countries still in the European Union would start to demand their loans enter repayment status. British businesses would also be far less likely to invest due to market uncertainties. This would virtually dismantle the current export infrastructure.

Countries around the world are awaiting the vote with bated breath as markets remain volatile with the anticipation of the uncertainty that lies ahead.

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