Keeping People Safe With New Technology

The company which provides the technology that helps to keep us safe, Securus Technologies introduced a way that families can visit their loved ones who are locked up. It’s called Securus Video Visitation. With this app families can visit their loved one without stepping out from the comforts of their homes. The app has been very popular so far. This free mobile app can be downloaded on an Android phone or on all Apple products. On the Android phone, the app has already been downloaded a little more than sixty thousand times since August. The Apple already has five thousand and that was only the first week of February.

The Vice President Of Marketing, Russel Roberts thought it was about time that someone who is locked up and their family have a different way to communicate. Gone are the days when families would have to stand on long lines, before being allowed in to see their loved one. Or talking on the phone, not being able to see each other. The Securus Video Visitation can give the inmate some peace of mind and, for those with young children who are not permitted a visit, this is something wonderful.

Securus Technologies a for profit company, it is based in Dallas, Texas, began operating in 1986. They are keeping police and correctional officers safe around the United States. They provide emergency responses,giving public information and identification study. They also have deals with about 2,600 prisons in the United States,this would be roughly 1,200,000 people who are incarcerated, just to touch on a few of their services. Why? Because they want it to be safe for all. 

The app is available on Google play and the google app store. Just a reminder, one will have to open an account. This new app will allow one to per-schedule visits and one will even get a reminder call. It works with your service plan and even can be use with WIFI.

Securus Technologies is not a part of the health product Securus nor the site Securus America that specializes in connecting agencies.

Another site that Securus is often mistaken for is Securus House which is a domestic violence center.

Soros Plan For Syrian Refugee Crisis Published In Market Watch, And I Like It

George Soros is famously said on Bloomberg Business that it is more difficult to change the world than it is to make money. Money is something that you can measure in dollars and cents, but change comes progressively and it is much harder to quantify. George Soros founded the Open Societies Foundation to promote open societies, critical thinking, and to hold governments accountable. His financial success gives him more freedom to analyze and to take on such big challenges. That’s why I was so thrilled to see his six-point plan for the current Syrian refugee crisis affecting the European Union published in MarketWatch.
There’s a lot to say about the plan but I think it’s brilliance is in bringing the European Union together under one umbrella of law. After all, the Open Societies Foundation promotes the rule of law.

The problem with immigration law in the European Union is that it is split. It sort of defeats the idea of an union. 26 countries have come together to form what is known as the Shengen area through an agreement called the Shengen agreement. This agreement essentially makes all 26 countries one country when it comes to immigration. Once anybody enters through any border one of the 26 countries they are free to roam around all 25 other countries without any security checks.

Obviously if you are dealing with a massive refugee crisis, this agreement becomes problematic. Citizens of each of the countries are starting to fear for their security because of lax border controls in other countries. Even though this fear is mostly unfounded, it is real and it threatens to tear the European Union apart.

George Soros is calling for the European Union to make one border patrol agency, a coalition of border patrol agents from each country working under one unified law. Not only will this then the fear of the citizens of Europe, it will save money and allow for the better flow of refugees, tourists, business visitors and immigrants. Because right now each country is enforcing its own laws and the sporadic mishmash of enforcement is incredibly ineffective and inefficient, wasting money. It also allows for horrific images of treatment at certain borders within Europe as refugees flow across the continent.

He also calls for a standard treatment for refugees to be enforced by this agency. That way citizens and refugees alike can know what to expect during the process, stemming confusion and fear. This alone will calm the nerves of everyone involved so that people can think with a clear head in order to save the European Union and to treat the refugees as humanely as possible.

I personally wish I had more time to think about these issues, but I am glad that someone like Forbes billionaire George Soros is thinking about them. He has the powerful voice that many country leaders just might listen to and his philanthropy work really tells me that he is concerned for all sides of the issue. But this particular recommendation is something I have been thinking of for quite a while.

A Genetically Tweaked Mosquito Could Help Slow Down The Spread Of The Zika Virus In The U.S. But The FDA Won’t Test It According To Brazilian Doctor Sergio Cortes

There is another story in the news on Noticias R7 every day about the Zika virus, and those stories aren’t good news. The stories range from babies suffering from microcephaly, the disease that causes brain damage and skull retardation in fetuses, to adults dealing with the paralyzing disease called Guillain-Barré syndrome. And the stories that claim the Zika virus is not only being spread by the female but also by sexual contact are causing more panic. More and more evidence shows that humans can give the Zika virus to other humans. And the not only that. Infected people can give the virus to mosquito that bite them that don’t have the Zika virus, according to Brazilian medical expert Sergio Cortes.

The old method of eradicating the breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti mosquito have failed. According to an article posted by, Dr. Cortes thinks there are billions of infected mosquitoes thriving in cities around the world. Spraying harmful chemicals in suspected breeding areas isn’t working. The main reason is Aedes aegypti mosquito can breed in tires, flower pots, bottle caps, tin cans and just about any other water holding vessel. The thought of using a spray to eradicate the female pests is wishful thinking, according to Dr. Cortes.

Several companies around the world are working on a vaccine to stop the spread of the Zika virus, but an effective vaccine won’t be available to treat the number of potential victims in the United States in 2016. The President of the United States wants Congress to allocate $1.8 billion to fight the spread of Zika, but the lawmakers aren’t convinced the epidemic will materialize in the U.S., according to a post on the Dr. Cortes LinkedIn page.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is also standing in the way of preventing the kind of outbreak that Brazil has experienced, according to a Dr. Cortes Facebook post. There is a vital tool available to dramatically reduce the Aedes aegypti mosquito population and it’s called genetically engineered mosquitoes. These hi-tech mosquitoes resemble Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, but they have been genetically altered. They need the drug tetracycline to survive. Without that drug they die and their off springs die as well. Releasing genetically altered male mosquitoes has shown a marked reduction in mosquito populations where it has been tested. Male mosquitoes don’t bite so there is no health risk to humans, according to a Dr. Cortes tweet.

Brazil has approved this eradication method, but the FDA won’t even approve a test. There is internal bickering going on between and FDA and the Agriculture Department. Americans will suffer with the Zika virus this summer because the FDA and the Agriculture Department can’t agree on a sensible method to help eradicate the main source of a pending epidemic.

Dog Foods That Stand Out From the Rest


A couple of days ago I found myself in a Pet Smart store trying to figure out what type of dog food I would buy. There were so many choices out there. I was amazed to find such a large selection of dog food from so many different competitors. I pick up a bag of Beneful Originals because I recognized the brand name from a commercial. I considered all the other choices that were there as I walked to the register to pay. I doubled back and picked up some Newman’s Own Organics dog food too. I wanted my dog to have a couple of choices before him to consider. I told myself that I would research, what appeared to be, an explosion of choices in the dog food industry.

My research would was very informative. I would find a plethora of articles on the dog food of today. Most of the information that was out there was starting to link the dog food to a wider range of quality. It was as if I was seeing, for the first time, how creators were really working hard in their efforts to see what type of dog food would promote better healthy.

I was glad that I had picked up the Beneful brand when I was in search of dog food. I would find that the Beneful brand was among the highest in the area of quality dog food. It was pretty obvious to me that this brand was a leader in the dog food industry with all the different types of meals that were available. I was impressed with the selection.

Beneful has some great choices that will please any breed that you can think of. I have two Beagles. My fiancee has a Great Dame. Somehow Beneful manages to please both of these dogs. I think that the large variety of wet and dry Beneful pet food is what helps. My dogs are fans of the dry food, but my fiancee buys the poodle a lot of the wet meals. These real chicken and beef choices represent high quality.