Inovation and Extra Nutrients Added to Dog Foods

Dog Food Sales Rise
The chief executive officer of a smaller gourmet-food manufacturer does have an obsession. Richard Thompson is obsessed with the quality of all products, the result has been a rise in the sale of dog food. He will only allow the following:
* fresh ingredients
* a limited amount of time that an item is allowed to sit on shelves
* healthy nutrients
* omitting preservatives
* only the freshest and highest quality of chicken and beef products
There is very good reason for the current rise in dog food sales. The constant added innovation and extra nutrients is leaving pets healthier and energetic. This is a company that has deserved to experience a 45 percent upward surge in sales according to Yahoo Finance. This company has ensured that a constant improvement in their products is a reality. Every pet enjoys the explosion of flavor that they receive at mealtime. The result of innovation and extra nutrients is a longer and healthier life for your pet. This news item had been originally reported on

Beneful and Food Nutrition Research

It should be known that Purina Beneful has always held the belief that dog food nutrition and research is essential. The development of superior dog food must include research by a qualified nutrition team of professionals. Animal nutrition must be evaluated and monitored for safety. A PhD in Animal nutrition is indeed qualified to ensure that your dog has the necessary nutrients that will leave them thriving and enjoying good health. The evaluation’s that are performed by the Beneful research team will leave you feeling confident that your beloved dog is getting all the needed nutrients.

Beneful and Quality Dog Food

Beneful has a unique perspective when it comes to the ingredients and the quality of all pet products. The Manager of Technical Operations will work closely with the factories. The producing of Beneful products makes sure that every pet receives a quality meal. The finest ingredients equal quality dog food.


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