Shaygan Kheradpir: Accomplished Businessman and Coriant Leader

Coriant is an independent company in 2013, when the company officially separated from Nokia Siemens Networks. The organization has enjoyed considerable success, due to its technology connections to Siemens Optical Networks, Sycamore Networks and Tellabs. Coriant is also one of the top suppliers in technological innovations, and provides viable solutions to network operators in more than 100 countries. Another reason that Coriant has made such significant progress is because the company is under the leadership of accomplished technology professional Shaygan Kheradpir.

Kheradpir is the CEO of Coriant, and also serves as Chairman of the Board. He has nearly 30 years of leadership experience in the telecom and technology industries, and got his start at GTE Corporation. Shaygan later moved to Verizon, where he became the EVP and Chief Information Officer for the company. He is responsible for spearheading innovative projects for Verizon, including FiOS, which is one of America’s largest infrastructure programs. After his work with Verizon, Kheradpir accepted the position Chief Operations and Technology Officer for Barclay’s. He created the TRANSFORM program for Barclay’s, which transformed the bank to put locations in 50 countries, and to employ more than 150,000 people.

Shaygan attended Cornell University, where he received his bachelor’s, master’s ad PhD in engineering. His impressive educational background, coupled with his wealth of professional experience, makes him a valuable asset to Coriant. Kheradpir also has a number of patents in the payments, telecom and media industries, and served on the board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology, as well as the Cornell University Engineering Council.

Inovation and Extra Nutrients Added to Dog Foods

Dog Food Sales Rise
The chief executive officer of a smaller gourmet-food manufacturer does have an obsession. Richard Thompson is obsessed with the quality of all products, the result has been a rise in the sale of dog food. He will only allow the following:
* fresh ingredients
* a limited amount of time that an item is allowed to sit on shelves
* healthy nutrients
* omitting preservatives
* only the freshest and highest quality of chicken and beef products
There is very good reason for the current rise in dog food sales. The constant added innovation and extra nutrients is leaving pets healthier and energetic. This is a company that has deserved to experience a 45 percent upward surge in sales according to Yahoo Finance. This company has ensured that a constant improvement in their products is a reality. Every pet enjoys the explosion of flavor that they receive at mealtime. The result of innovation and extra nutrients is a longer and healthier life for your pet. This news item had been originally reported on

Beneful and Food Nutrition Research

It should be known that Purina Beneful has always held the belief that dog food nutrition and research is essential. The development of superior dog food must include research by a qualified nutrition team of professionals. Animal nutrition must be evaluated and monitored for safety. A PhD in Animal nutrition is indeed qualified to ensure that your dog has the necessary nutrients that will leave them thriving and enjoying good health. The evaluation’s that are performed by the Beneful research team will leave you feeling confident that your beloved dog is getting all the needed nutrients.

Beneful and Quality Dog Food

Beneful has a unique perspective when it comes to the ingredients and the quality of all pet products. The Manager of Technical Operations will work closely with the factories. The producing of Beneful products makes sure that every pet receives a quality meal. The finest ingredients equal quality dog food.


Nobilis Health Care Corporation: An Example of Investment Opportunity

With the ever increasing count of people entering retirement age, it has become apparent that the best investment opportunities are found in the health care industry. Investors, always looking for opportunities for future growth, are quickly moving into the industry. One of the premier opportunities for hedge funds, operators point out, is Nobilis Health Corporation. Nobilis Corporation owns and operates a significant amount of ambulatory surgical centers along with a plethora of surgical hospitals in various parts of the United States. The corporation is quickly establishing a sound track record of increasing organic growth. As such, Nobilis Health Corporation, trading under NHC-TSX on exchange and SSP, has become a hot item. A most recent acquisition of the First Nobilis Hospital for a mere $7.5 million exemplifies the aggressive nature of this corporate structure. Such purchases have driven the value of Nobilis Health Corporation stock downward in recent months making the stock an undervalued commodity that experienced market managers are gobbling up. Current market conditions dictate that smart managers look for short-term investment opportunities. Corporations like Nobilis Heath Corporation, with its undervalued status, not only provide the opportunity for short term profit, but also an opportunity for a slower growth pattern that offers long-term growth with stock resale opportunities that can only increase. Such long-term vision is rare in today’s market environment. Fears generated by recent worldwide market instabilities have worn at the fundamental foundations of investment philosophy. The instant gratification of short-term profiteering has become singularly attractive. Examples of fund managers becoming instantly wealthy dance in the heads of investors in the Christmas season, replacing the “sugar plums” of the oft-quoted poem. Health care investment is not the place where instant wealth is generated. The most recent pharmaceutical price uproars are indicative of the public concern over health care profiteering. The health care industry, rather, is the place for stable investments—investments that will give a slow return that is guaranteed to grow for the foreseeable future. Opportunities for short-term profits is few and far between which is what makes Nobilis Heath Corporation so attractive to investors today. Nobilis Health Corporation offers investors the opportunity to grow a portfolio in a stable niche of the market. The attraction has changed the focus in the health care market from one of perplexity to one of certainty. Investors now know that there are incredible opportunities in the market, one only need to look.

Luxury Living Achieves Highest Level In New York City

2015 was the year of the big sale in New York City apartments for rent. All prior records were surpassed and expectations of the same are even greater for 2016. At the top of the list was $100.47 million for a penthouse. Midtown, Central Park, and Manhattan all saw their highest sales ever. Billionaire bunkers are technological marvels, with panic rooms built in for that pesky end of the world mess. More billionaire bunkers are being churned out; there is a hot market in big money residential. There are many foreign buyers; they are said to be parking their money here because of the uncertainties with governmental agencies in their home countries. Many of the foreign buyers are Chinese reported the New York Times.

While there were numerous celebrity transactions, one of these stood apart from the norm. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick sold their brick townhouse for $18.25 million; they took a loss, having paid almost $19 million for it in 2011. Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell bought a duplex on 5th Avenue for $15.5 million. Having moved on to the next world, Joan River’s triplex was sold by her estate for $28 million; the new owner is said to be Middle Eastern royalty. Lauren Bacall’s estate sold her apartment for $21 million.

There is so much wealth in New York City that it’s slopping over into Brooklyn and property values have risen considerably there. After all, it is the first choice after the City. Town Residential specializes in luxury units. They publish The Aggregate, A Comprehensive Quarterly Manhattan Market Report, in which Town uses statistical information from Manhattan to predict market trends. Their analysis shows that winter sales are comparatively slower than 3rd quarter sales; the same was seen a year ago. What their data really shows is the constant and steady increase of property value in Manhattan, from average sales price and square foot value to days on the market.

High end new development is Town Residential’s specialty, and they say that sales pieces will continue to rise over the next few years. That $100 million sale could possibly double, due to wealthy investors meeting up with billionaire bunkers in New York. Town seeks to maximize awareness and increase demand on the leasing end as well. They lease the property for the most value in the shortest period of time. But it’s not only about the money; they take pride in their city and each distinctive neighborhood.