Healthcare Technology Innovations Are Changing The Face Of Healthcare

Medical technology is increasing at warp speeds. Those technological innovations will impact the lives of millions of Americans. This is the age of technology. Most people say their phone is the first thing look at in the morning and the last thing they put down at night. That confirms the fact that this is the age of technology, and medical technology is keeping up with other industries when it comes to innovations. The healthcare industry hasn’t always been the fastest industry to introduce innovations. The complexity of the medical industry has been a big obstacle to overcome, but it seems the healthcare industry is finally overcoming that obstacle. Innovations like electronic aspirins and artificial hearts are opening the door for new treatments and surgical procedures. According to Houston-based Nobilis Health, a healthcare company that is dedicated to more agile and cost effective treatments for patients, the healthcare industry is moving in the right direction when it comes to new treatments and lower costs. Nobilis operated surgical centers in cities around the U.S., so they see the impact that technology advancements are having on the industry.

The executives at Nobilis say the quest to improve, streamline and transform the current health care system is underway, and the potential that quest will provide will become a reality in a few years. Nobilis and other healthcare companies are using new procedures that are products of microchip modeling clinical trials. Rather than using animals for clinical trials researchers are using microchips clinical trials to test the safety of certain treatments on human patients. Nobilis doctors say that advancement saves the lives of animals and also improves the entire clinical tiral process. Google glass is wearable technology that is helping doctors interact with patients and their families, according to the Nobilis Health medical team.

Doctors are also using Apple’s Face Time to interact with patients. Face Time is used to discuss crucial medical procedures as well as perform virtual examinations with patients that are in various locations around the country. The healthcare industry is also using 3D printers to print new skin and in embryonic research. Printers are also used to print cardiac tissue and blood vessels, and the printers are also used to replace cartilage and bone using a stem cell procedure. The innovations continue to revolutionize healthcare procedures in the United States. Some medical analysts worry about the cost of these innovations, but other say the cost will drop over time. That remains to be seen, according to some the financial experts.

About CCMP Capital And Stephen Murray’s Sad Demise

CCMP Capital is a private equity firm that operates globally. The firm specializes in growth equity investments and buyouts in North America and Europe. The firm has partnered with the best management teams that have been able to use its operating resources and deep industry experience that are all very integral when matters related to efficiency and growth are concerned. Since 2006, the firm has been operating as an independent firm though it continues to manage the private equity portfolio owned by J.P Morgan Partners.

Typically, the company makes investments that are not less than $100 million in size and ranging to $500 million in every transaction to companies that are between $250 million and $2 billion in size. The firm has a special emphasis on providing estate diversification solutions to businesses that are owned by founders, enabling corporate carve-outs and management buyouts, helping businesses that are still in the developing stage grow as well as taking public companies private.

The firm has deep experience that is a direct product of its significant transactions in the four areas it operates in. It has invested heavily in energy, consumer and retail, healthcare and industrial sectors for a very long time such that it knows the right move to make in different varying market conditions. It has a deep understanding of the specific opportunities and issues that arise in these industries precisely the reason it is an established partner of choice among the managers in the four different niches.

All its portfolio companies benefit a great deal from its deep operating resources. The resources are made of partners who work full time to ensure that only the best practices are applied in every given sector. The firm’s chief operating professionals collaborate with the management of each portfolio company so as to come up with detailed value creation plans.

In March 2015, the firm suffered a major blow when its Chief Executive Officer and President Stephen Murray CMP Capital passed on. His untimely death at 52 years left many missing him and his selfless dedication at work. He was a Boston University Economics degree holder and a Business Administration Masters degree holder from Columbia University. He was a respected private equity investor and philanthropist who supported different charitable organizations aimed at improving the living conditions.

Murray’s experience and dedication on Wall Street was also being felt by the many boards he served in. He sat on the board of many companies that included Pinnacle Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, Aramark and many others. He was also a Vice Chairman at Boston College among many other bodies. Those who felt his Midas touch at work will surely miss him because he was selfless, principled and a perfectionist. He is a perfect example of a professional who is qualified and passionate at what he does.