Neurocore Mental Health Centers

It is a health, wellness, and fitness company established in 2004. It deals with diagnostics of the nervous system; brain performance and it offers Heart Rate Variability Training. The private company has around 200 employees and operates mainly in regions of Florida and Michigan states.

Children and adults tested at Neurocore Centers receive treatments aimed at enhancing their brain functions like stress management, sleep, and improved concentration. The treatments administered are varied based on an individual’s brain functions and the analysis it provides. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore provide mental solutions to many Americans who reach for professional help. Depression is a common mental disorder in America affecting up to 16 million adults annually. Though it affects adult women in many cases, it can affect people in both genders and at whatever age. Unfortunately, only a third of those with the illness seek treatment. For this reason, Mental Health Awareness month, May, so the suffering ones are persuaded to seek treatment.

Many unidentifiable factors cause depression but the two most significant are genetic inherence and stressful situations. There are many depression disorders. Starting with the Major depressive disorder, its where an individual has continuous and unavoidable sadness for two weeks. Such a person suffers from low self-esteem. In persistent depressive disorder, the symptoms last for even two years and more than but not as consistent as it is in major depressive stages. Postpartum depression affects women after childbirth to a year later. Lastly, the seasonal affective disorder is whereby an individual has symptoms at only particular seasons of the year when the sun is minimal. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The signs and symptoms are pronounced in some people while in others they do not show at all. Generally, they include sadness, too much or too little sleep, weight gain or loss, fatigue and lack of concentration. A depressed brain changes in structure. Depression victims commit suicide mostly. They see as the only lasting solution to their hopelessness and emptiness.

Researchers on depression need more funding. The disorder can be treated at whatever level its symptoms are advanced. Thus, the losses caused by underproductivity of the victims at work can be minimized.


Role of Artificial Intelligence in Redefining E-Commerce

Many are how the Artificial Intelligence (AI) influence the way people do things and perceive life in general; by the way in which people use appliances at home, to children playing with toys in the backyard. AI is also finding its way to the e-commerce and is changing how e-commerce is operated by the online investors. According to sources, it is predicted that by 2020, more than 85% of business shall be managed without marketers and representatives having to practically interact with clients. There are a few applications that are unique to the AI that make it an ideal tool for revamping the contemporary e-commerce platform.

Visual Search

Many clients are used to typing texts based on keywords to find items that they are looking for online. Well, that might be a thing of the past as far as AI’s Visual Search is concerned. With the Visual Search, the AI can analyze the pictures or photos submitted by clients to find an item that matches their search. This implies that there is going to be a replacement for texts with photos. Such a change is convenient for clients will be able to save time that they would otherwise waste while trying to browse for the many items till they find the one they are looking for.

Voice Search

Alongside using the pictures and images to find the right items, clients can use their voice to find the same online. By the use of speech, the AI is programmed to use that to analyze and find the item that is described by the voice. The voice search relies on Artificial Intelligence to find the right item without any form of inconvenience. It appears that the Voice Search is an improvement over the Visual Search, but they are both highly reliable and accurate for the clients.

Online Personal Shoppers

Today, it is possible to learn the shoppers shopping habit, courtesy of AI. What is more, this technology can be used by AI to present and avail the items related to the shopper’s shopping habit so that they do not have to spend a lot of time looking for them online. It is accurate and hence matches the current level of technology and consumers’ expectations.

The Artificial Intelligence has changed the e-commerce for the best. Soon, firms will easily interact with their clients without having to reach out to them personally. AI will take care of all the things that the clients happen to manifest interest in.



Rocketship Chartered School; A Ray of Hope for The Unprivileged

Helping those in need is a virtue that everyone in our societies should adopt. By supporting a single person, the ripple effects of this gratitude yields more gratitude and brings people together. That is why Preston Smith, the CEO and the co-founder of Rocketship Education sought to do by educating the young as a way of giving to the society.

Rocketship chartered schools are community-based schools that the society and the community. The schools built are left to the people within the community to name hence bringing quality education to the student and an enabling environment the community. They are therefore more concern with the affairs of school more.

The schools also allow parents to vet the teachers and head teachers of the school. This process that involves parents’ inclusion was initially used Unified School District in Los Angeles where parents decide the type of person they want interacting with their child for the most part of their day. This process ensures that teachers employed are of ethical virtues and can teach their kids. This makes it easy for children to learn good virtues and morals as they are a reflection of their teachers.

The Rocketship chartered school also has a personalized learning style that has blended with the standard curriculums. They focus on child values that are, integrity, gratitude, honesty, respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence. These values are made possible through their well-abled teachers and the personalized learning that help the children grow up to be people of character in the society.

They also give an opportunity for kids to grow on the social-emotionally level since they come from poor background and they may not have much back at home to hope for at the end of the day. Therefore, they have created a conducive environment where every child is accepted as they are and they can open up and be supported by the school or encouraged by the rest of the children.

The schools have received recognition for their work, and many industry players such as Facebook CEO and his wife have offered to develop personalized learning platforms for the kids to be able to have a natural time learning. Netflix CEO also has donated to the support local education such as one carried out by Rocketship chartered school.


Securus Technology Improves Service Delivery by Acquiring JPay

In 2015, Securus Technology signed a Stock Purchase Agreement to acquire JPay. JPay is known to have introduced a series of entertainment apps, emails, and electronic payment in the correctional space. It was also operating in 33 states and was crowned the leading technology company.


According to Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith, the acquisition would see the company integrate the fastest growing segments in the corrections. To acquire JPay, the company received a debt and funding which was approved by the State and federally regulated bodies.


How the Acquisition Benefited the Two Companies


Rick Smith recognized the contribution of JPay in the industry, calling the company an innovative force within the correctional space. He said after years of watching the company’s growth, the acquisition would help Securus Technology offer high-tech services that will see them efficiently run the modern jails and prisons.


He further added that the collaboration of Securus Technology and JPay would see the introduction of most secure products that will reduce recidivism and offered at best price. This is in line with the current market demands for more transparent and cheaper pricing models.


According to JPay CEO, Ryan Shapiro, the company has a vision of expanding and delivering high-value products to every constituent in the industry, notably the inmate, family, prison staff, and friends. The company focuses on developing groundbreaking products and implemented on a massive scale. The collaboration with Securus Technology would help JPay achieve that on a larger scale and within no time.


Ryan praised his team for the relentless pursuit of the company’s vision of developing quality products that improve the safety and efficiency of the prisons. Even after the acquisition, JPay management team was allowed to continue running the company. Securus values not only their management team but the company culture as well.

End Citizens United; Activist For Campaign Funding Reforms

In the first quarter of this year, End Citizen United managed to collect over $4 million through fundraising ahead of the 2018 Congressional midterm elections. The organization expects to raise $35 million according to projections which are significantly higher than the $25 million got for the 2016 election. End Citizen United saw approximately 100,000 people contribute towards their project with 40,000 of the count giving for the first time. The contributions received an average $12 as more and more people Lack faith in the system. End Citizen United aims to elect leaders that are for campaign finance reforms. The organization in recent weeks urged contributors to donate towards the congressional campaign of Democrat Jon Ossoff and helped raise $500,000.

In 2010 a supreme court ruling discredited out 100 years campaign funding laws. The verdict in the case of Citizen United against F.E.C established a legal basis for the idea that corporations are people which opened doors for people to spend unlimited amounts of untraceable money in elections. The ruling changed the American election landscape and reduced accountability and transparency.


This loophole prompted the formation of End Citizen United. Formed in March 2015, End Citizen United is a political action committee committed to fighting against large political donors that have ulterior motives. The political action committee funders are primarily grassroots contributors most of whom are ordinary people who feel like political funding groups rig the system. During its first year, the political action committee received over $2 million in support of their mission from small donors. End Citizen United is also committed to electing pro-reform candidates and keeping the issue of donors using the money to influence elections at the forefront. The political action committee also aims to pass pre-reform laws in states using ballot measures and demonstrate political power through grassroots membership.

The primary goal for End Citizen United is passing a constitutional amendment to reverse the 2010 Supreme court decision in the Citizen United case that allows corporations to pour dirty money into American elections. The political action committee started a petition that had 325,000 signatures as of 2016 to demand Senate pass the legislation. In line with its mission to back pro-reform candidates.

End Citizens United poured tens of millions into the campaigns of eleven democrat senate candidates including former Wisconsin senator; Russ Feingold and Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado who is reform-oriented. The PAC is willing to fund any candidates that can help in achieving its course. In the 2016 election, the political action committee partnered with Hillary’s campaign team to support the candidate’s election. End Citizen United has an active social media presence to reach more people who share similar views and inform the masses about pro-reform candidates.

Learn more about End Citizens United:

The World’s Campaigning Community – Avaaz

Avaaz is a civic organization launched in January 2007. Avaaz promotes a global activism on matters such as human rights, climate change, animal right, poverty, corruption, and conflicts. It is one of the world’s most extensive and most influential activist networks.


The co-founders of the company were Richen Patel, Tom Pravda, Tom Perriellowho is the former Virginia congressman, Eli Pariser, MoveOn Executive Director, Andrea Woodhouse and Jeremy Heimans, the co-founder of The president of the organization is Richen Patel, and the other board members are Sam Barratt and Ian Bassin.

Purpose and Achievements

The company launched a new platform that supports thousands to start campaigns and win them as well at national, local and international levels. They have a total of 44 members in 194countries worldwide. A team of campaignersmanages the global campaign, carrying out their work from over 30 countries, including India, United Kingdom, Brazil, and Lebanon. One of their most significant victories was the Paris Climate Award the company won for the hard work they put on fighting climate change which was a great achievement of human unity.

Campaigns Selection Process

The campaign to communicate with one another via emails, and they apply campaign tactics like online public petitions and email-your-leader tools. They also use commissions’ legal advice and advertisements to clarify how best one can take a campaign forward. Campaign suggestions come from members supplemented by specialists’ guidance. Tester emails are then polled to members of the Avaaz after ideas have been taken up as having potential. The campaign is then opened to the Avaaz members if the emails receive a sufficient response.


Avaaz brings together practical idealists all over the globe. Richen Patel, the director, said that their mission is to close the gap the world mostpeople everywhere want and the world we have. Avaaz supports causes considered progression like challenging Monsanto and calling for a global action on climate change.

Follow more information on Avaaz follow them on Twitter.

Providing Positive Reputation Online

Online reputation is a big thing in the 21st century, and some firms are capitalizing on it and making revenues out of it. Status Labs is one of the leading online public relations companies in the world today. They are providing reputation management services, online marketing services, public relations services, and search engine optimization services. Status Labs is slowly becoming a global company, and they are headquartered in four major cities: Austin, New York City, Los Angeles, and Sao Paolo. Status Labs has been helping more than a thousand clients by creating a positive reputation for them online, and once a client decides to work with Status Labs, their online presence will increase, and they can gain more traffic to their websites. Their sites can also be displayed as the first result in any search engine, because of the effective SEO services from Status Labs.

Status Labs is dedicated to providing an efficient digital marketing plan for their clients. They are also keen in creating an effective public relations approach, which would provide positive reputation and feedback to their customers. Status Labs is operating in more than 35 countries presently, and they had been featured several times in some publications because of how effective their services are. They are also recognized as one of America’s fastest growing companies.

The current president of Status Labs is Darius Fisher, who has been serving the business for years. According to him, creating a positive reputation for their clients is not that easy. He stated that the customer also has to do something on his or her part, like performing digital hygiene. Darius Fisher explained that digital hygiene refers to the act of being responsible in what to post, and checking the privacy and security settings often to assure that no vital information would leak into the wrong hands. Darius Fisher also gave out tips on how to prevent having a negative online reputation, by doing the following:

1. Never post private information online – this includes phone numbers, home addresses, passwords, bank accounts, identification numbers, and so on. This way one cannot be a victim of hackers, stalkers, and identity thieves.

2. Check the privacy settings – with the rise of the internet and global communications, one should consider being too tight regarding the settings on their social media accounts. Avoid sharing personal information or activities publicly, and choose to limit the audience to your friends only.

3. Frequently change your passwords – by changing the password say, four times a year, hackers would have a lower chance of accessing your accounts without your knowledge.

4. Use Google and search for your name – by typing your name into Google, you can access thousands of websites that might have posted something about you.

NuoDB Surpasses the Traditional Database Approach

NuoDB is a type of an advanced form of elastic SQL database used recently in the cloud and container-based environment. NuoDB design is meant to deliver five fundamental needs. The first requirement that it gives is scaled out in which more computers are added and accommodation catered for whenever a machine is yanked out. Secondly, it never needs to be shut down. The third requirement is that both hardware and software are fault tolerant. The fourth being multi-site operation to enable business flow and the fifth is the automatic balancing. In addition to these five requirements by NuoDB, it also provides the ability to adjust database width and performance without compromising the data integrity, transactional uniformity, and change in the interface used to by the people.

The client-server era was characterized by the application of traditional rational database. However, the modern world has a different environment characterized by cloud and the container based. The cloud relational databases are the traditional databases that are cloud hosted or use traditional databases architecture. Monolithic architecture is queasy and expensive as compared to the distributed approach to database architecture with NuoDB. NuoDB’s approached is cheap, readily available and highly demanded. Besides these, rich SQL interface is maintained together with transactional consistency databases.

Tempus Understanding that Each Patient Need Special Care

When Eric Lefkofsky came in close contact with cancer treatment, he was surprised at the slow uptake of technology in the healthcare sector. Despite the much attention given to electronic health record systems, Lefkofsky was surprised to find that the sector had not embraced modern technology that could help achieve better healthcare and treatment results. The main thing that caught Eric Lefkofsky’s attention was the gap that exists between data collection and digital technology. While much personal medical data of patients are collected in hospitals, very little technology exists to use this data to facilitate the enhancement of healthcare provision. Thus, seeking to make a change, Lefkofsky cofounded Tempus.


Tempus is a medical technology company whose sole aim is to improve healthcare provision by facilitating the production of precision medication through the proper and more effective collection of patient data. They have developed a platform which allows for the effective analysis of patients’ molecular and clinical data. Upon such analysis, hospitals and medical practitioners can develop treatment plans and methods that are specific to each patient’s specific condition. Tempus has concentrated its efforts on the development of health solutions for the treatment of cancer. They recognize that each cancer patient has different conditions and is at different advancement levels of the disease which make it necessary for customized treatment for each patient if the best results are to be achieved. A one fits all approach to cancer treatment is detrimental to the achievement of best results, making the services provided by Tempus increasingly necessary.

Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky was born in the state of Michigan in 1969 but has since relocated to Chicago. He graduated with high honors from the University of Michigan in 1991 in Ann Abor and proceeded to pursue a Masters’ Degree in Law from the same institution two years later. He, however, shunned a career in law to go into the technology industry where he soon emerged as a major player. Over the years, he has invested in tech startups that have grown to become multi-billion dollar companies such as Tempus and many others.

Eric Lefkofsky is a keen family man and philanthropist, advancing most of his charity work through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which he co-founded with his wife.

Billionaire George Soros

Soros was born in 1930 from the Kingdom of Hungary and has been on the frontline working for the world’s better governance around the whole world. His effort has been felt in the United States, Europe countries and also Africa. At the USA, he used to be a staunch democrat and has sponsored George Bush campaigns and even Hillary Clinton and read full article. He has been on the forefront funding world’s leading NGO’s that works towards ensuring there is equality, democracy and also ensuring that justice is served to all. Back in 1970, he used to support black students from Africa access primary education. He has donated a lot of money through those available scholarships to many students who in return have become great people across the globe and learn more about George Soros.

George according to a report released by Forbes, happens to be the 19th richest man across the globe. He also happens to be the wealthiest Hedge Fund Manager in America and the world at large, and he keeps on working towards becoming position one. He has been able to make billions of money through forex trading. These are some the of trading tricks that he developed while he was still studying philosophy. He is the manager of Soros Fund Management since the year 1970. He has been the company chairman since then, and he keeps on working day and night towards raising the status of the company. Some other billionaire investors whom he held similar positions with were Stanley Drunkenmiller, Jim Rodgers, Mark Schwartz, and also his two sons. When the company value grew to over $12 million, he decided to rename the company as Quantum Fund. He kept on reinvesting his money until his company became a giant. His company stake grew at a rapid rate that later made him the person and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros has had previous experience from the London School of Economics whereby he studied bachelors of science in Philosophy and later masters of Philosophy from the same school. That is how he started his journey and then became a very lucky finance expert. George Soros had immigrated from Hungary after the war became uncontrollable. He relocated to the United States in the year 1956 so that he could expand on his career and more information click here. He started his first job at Singer & Friedlander, then as a European analyst at FM Mayer, Wertheim and Co. and later at Anhold and Bleichroeder whereby he worked as the company’s vice president and also stayed there for over ten years. He has tremendously achieved in his journey as a scholar and an investor and has become one of the World’s greatest mentors. He is a very respected man in America and the whole world at large and Follow him

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