Sightsavers is leading the Charge against Trachoma

Trachoma is an infectious eye disease that causes blindness in a most painful manner. With no treatment, scar tissues forms under the eyelid causing the eye lids to invert and eyelashes rub painfully against the cornea resulting in eventual blindness. According to Sightsavers, women in Africa with the eye disease will often wear tweezers on a chain around their neck and put out their eyelashes to find relief, which is only temporary.


The eye disease has been traced back to ancient Egypt. 182 million people are at risk for going blind and despite its treatability trachoma is still damaging the ability to learn and eliminating opportunity for employment. There is a collaborative effort in place to eliminate the eye disease and it is quickly gathering speed. Oman eliminated the problem in 2012, with WHO (World Health Organization) validation and in 2016, Morocco, Cambodia and Mexico did the same. There are six more countries on the verge of eliminating trachoma as a public health problem.


Eliminating the eye disease takes a collaborative effort including INGOs such as Sightsavers, pharmaceutical companies, donors, communities and health Ministries. The International Coalition for Trachoma Control and other individuals and organizations are working together with a single strategy in mind to eliminate such a disease. The WHO has endorsed the SAFE program and the acronym stands for surgery, antibiotics (donated by Pfizer), facial cleanliness and environmental improvement. Countries where the eye problem runs rampant must have access to the resources it takes to implement the strategy.


The SAFE program has been making progress and has demonstrated the program is eliminating trachoma. The Tropical Data Service has been collecting data and supports national Health Ministries data collection services regarding areas where the program has been successful. Using smart phone technology, data is collected and transmitted quickly which means the analytical data can be applied quicker by the Health Ministries. This is most helpful in remote areas of the world where environmental conditions are difficult at best.


At the TED2018 conference one of the revelations was the Audacious Project and their choice of trachoma elimination. They recognize the work that has been completed in the past and the only thing standing between the disease and elimination is bringing the resources to where they are needed. Sightsavers will coordinate a funding effort in Africa. The effort, Commonwealth 2018-2020, will provide funding to help bring resources to places they are most needed.

Malcolm Casselle Solidifying Cryptocurrency Popularity With Gaming Technology

Malcolm Casselle is the current President of World Asset Exchange (WAX) is continuing to provide extremely important and revolutionary innovations that are solidifying cryptocurrency popularity with the advancements in gaming technology. Malcolm Casselle has developed a reputation as one of the world’s more respected and renowned innovators and leaders in the online asset transfer industry.

He is a degree graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his Bachelor’s in computer science and also continues his education at Stanford University where he studied computer science as well. After his college career, he accepted various positions within the online and social media industry and develops the key insight and vision for technology advances that provided the foundation and experience that led to the creation of two of the most important online technology companies in the world today.

Serving as Chief Executive Officer and President of the World Asset Exchange, Malcolm is leading the way to a revolutionary change in the way cryptocurrencies is delivered online over the blockchain. With the creation of the wax tokens at WAX, the technology and expansion of the blockchain to deliver cryptocurrencies over game system platforms are creating a decentralized approach to delivering asset transfers globally online. Malcolm Casselle also serves as Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins the company that actually developed the wax token that is utilized in the gaming systems as smart contracts that provide safe and reliable value transfers online easily and efficiently with the new innovations in technology.

The reliability of the infrastructures developed to foster the actual transfers of cryptocurrency is gaining in popularity through the developments and continued optimization of these online virtual good transfer systems. In the gaming arena, the ability to transfer assets real time within the gaming platforms is very valuable so there are no interferences and loss of time for delivery of asset transfers through the centralized banking system.

In fact, WAX has created a virtual transfer platform that is decentralized and allows assets to be transferred over geographical borders without the interference of the centralized banking system. Malcolm Casselle is continuing to push the envelope and develop new technologies as leader and pioneer of World Asset Exchange to create a popular transfer of cryptocurrencies over gaming technology platforms.


Matt Badiali’s Approach in Advising Natural Resources Firms

Banyan Hill Publishing is an investments’ advice website that is widely read by over 400,000 people in the country daily. The site has a rich knowledge of investment knowhow that is provided by the endowed contributors in the business world who regularly give their views on the platform. Some of the investments that Banyan Hill Publishing focusses on include the following:

  • Commodities and natural resources investments
  • Stock trading
  • The viable income-generating investments that have minimal risks
  • Options spreading

This site was created in 1998. At the time of its formation, it was known as the Sovereign Society. The growth of the firm was rapid, and after a short period, Banyan Hill Publishing was one of the leading institutions in the provision of global asset protection advice services. The site is very educative, especially, to any individual who seeks to venture into business in the United States. Many people have given positive testimonies about how this firm has helped them develop their assets. Read more about Matt Badiali at Ideamensch.

The Sovereign Society was rebranded to Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. The purpose of the rebranding was to identify better with the services that it intends to give to readers in entrepreneurship and investment. The group’s financial experts are the engine behind its rapid growth. They continually provide essential advice to give readers incredible knowledge in choosing the most appropriate investment path that will give them longstanding financial security.

One of the leading contributors to Banyan Hill Publishing is investment expert, Matt Badiali. Mr. Badiali is an expert in resource-based investments. He has immense knowledge in the mining industry. Matt Badiali is always visiting new places in a bid to increase his vast expertise in investing in the natural resources field. He has visited countries such as Papua New Guinea, Iraq, and Haiti among numerous other places. During these visits, Matt Badiali spends time discussing investment strategies with the CEOs of natural resources firms. His role is to provide advice on the most appropriate investment in natural resources that will give the highest returns to the company.


Matt Badiali believes that the best way to gauge a situation is by having a firsthand experience of it. For this reason, Matt takes a visit to natural resources companies and compares their returns on the ground against what is reported to the public. He has vast knowledge in the geological field and always uses statistical data to investigate the applicability of particular operation such as drilling. From the data, Matt can provide accurate advice to the company. Read this article at

ClassDojo Education Platform for Parents, Students, and Teachers Allowing Transparent Communication System

There is a growing demand for edtech products in the market. Unlike before, teachers today are using technology in the classroom that allows them to clarify concepts in a much better way. But, with many different types of edtech products in the market, there is only a handful that has been successful. There are a few things that most teachers look for in the edtech product that they want to purchase.

The first thing that edtech products entrepreneurs need to understand is that just creating a product will not be enough. It has to solve some problem that the teachers want to resolve. Most of the product out there do not consult with the teachers and students and just assume that they need to make learning fun. The truth is that there are many teachers out there who do that without the need of edtech products. Thus, it is essential that your edtech product should offer some resolution to their problem. Teachers today want a tried and tested product as most do not want to spend time testing edtech products. Thus, edtech technology entrepreneurs need to create their studies to ensure that the teachers can get the final product that they can instantly start using.

ClassDojo is a communication platform that allows teachers to create notes for their students and also be able to communicate with parents in real time in case of some problem. The co-founder of the company Sam Chaudhary has spent a lot of months conducting interviews with teachers, students, and even parents to help create the ClassDojo platform. It has allowed teachers to send feedback about their students to their parents instantly without having to wait for the parent-teacher meeting.

ClassDojo has many advanced features that have made it one of the top edtech products in the market. Teachers can share class videos and photos with the parents. It helps parents feel more connected to the school since they can know on a daily basis what their children are doing in school. Today, 2 in 3 schools are using ClassDojo, and it has helped create a community where a child can flourish without any restrictions.

Prerequisites For Startups – By William Saito

It takes a special kind of interest to become an entrepreneur in this competitive world. You put yourself for potential investors to take notice of, your ideas and concepts are in full display. And maybe some people will say that you are not in a position to make big in the business. But there are many who have not given up, who have made it to success irrespective of obstacles. They worked on the advice of experts and from those advice started their own businesses. And many of those businesses have grown into mega companies. Think of what experts can do if you have the right mindset to listen.


William Saito is a financial adviser and consultant working for National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tokyo. He is also the founder of a couple of software companies that specialize in security software development, such as I/O Software Inc and InTecur. He invented the first Biometric Authentication System as well. Many startups consult him for advice on venture capital procurement and financial planning. In fact, Saito has more than two decades of experience in this field. He was the winner of Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, NASDAQ and USA in 1998.


William Saito in his interview at a startup conference talks about what entrepreneurs should know about current market and its supply demand strategies. The biggest barrier facing today’s entrepreneurs is investor money. What investors are looking for is not just the availability of entrepreneurs but their ideas, future market potential, growth, expense and other factors in business. Don’t think that just because you want to start a business you will be able to get a deal and start cashing royalty checks. It takes more than that, says Mr. Saito.


Whether yours is a technology related, medical, law or business service, if you are the best in what you do, you are likely to attract venture capitalists. Nothing great was ever achieved without adequate fund. In essence, two common denominators that appear in every successful business is idea and money. People who have reached the top of their game did it with lots of sweat and tears. They have jumped in with two feet and taken the risk. They have heeded to the advice of financial experts and made their dream into reality. William Saito’s financial planning service provides motivation to do the same.

Ronald Fowlkes Uses His Knowledge Of Tactical Gear And Physical Fitness To Help His Local Hockey Youth:

Ronald Fowlkes is a man that is no stranger to the concept of being on the front lines. This is something that he has personally lived due to his past service in the Gulf War as a member of the United States Marine Corps. After a four year run with the Marines that saw Ronald twice promoted due to his merit, he then transitioned seamlessly to a law enforcement career. Ronald served for a total of thirteen years between time with the St. Louis County Police Department and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Today, Ronald works in the tactical gear industry where he brings his unique, real-world insight to his profession as business development manager.


Ronald Fowlkes is also known for his love of the sport of hockey. This love of hockey and his love for giving back to his community and serving as a mentor has presented him with a unique opportunity. Ronald’s son is a member of the Triple-A squad for the St. Louis Blues hockey team and Ronald gives of his time as the team’s equipment expert and personal trainer for the teams off the ice conditioning program. Ronald’s past experiences make him ideally suited for both of these roles. Ronald Fowlkes has a great knowledge of training and physical fitness from his extensive military and policing background and that same background has provided him with immense insight into the world of equipment and equipment maintenance. Ronald Fowlkes is known as a tough coach who pushes his youth mentees to excel physically so their coaches can get the most out of them. He also loves to pass on his deep knowledge of the importance of maintaining one’s equipment. He always counsels his players that well-maintained equipment can be the difference between winning and losing. Ronald also enjoys passing on his life stories to the youth he mentors. He thinks it is important that they understand that there are a great number of people out there in the field that work hard every day to keep the country and the world safe.


Ronald Fowlkes serves in the capacity of Business Development Manager for highly regarded tactical gear supply company Eagle Industries Unlimted. The company is a leader in its field and has been in operation for over thirty years. The products the company sells are designed for the world of military, police and outdoor sporting endeavours.


Ronald Fowlkes is a perfect fit for the tactical gear industry because he has so much real-life experience using tactical gear in the most critical of situations. This insight makes him the perfect person to work with the customers of Eagle Industries. Ronald knows how to counsel a customer on the perfect gear for their needs.


Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Novel Is Percieved As A Takedown Of America

Sean Penn’s new book is titled Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Some believe it represents the despairing, furious takedown of America while others see the book as a nutty novel. The novel was originally a 2016 short audiobook. The book is about a Californian named Bob with extreme skepticism towards modern times mediocrity. His multiple professions include an entrepreneur, a delusional homebody and a contract killer of the elderly.


The book does not contain a formal plot. Bob sits on his couch and recalls imaginary exploits and laments the current state of the nation. He hates his former wife who now drives an ice cream truck and married her divorce lawyer. He is pining for a woman named Annie but it is not clear if she even exists. Bobs attempts at socialization include killing senior citizens with blows to the head and misbegotten barbeques. Bob Honey is both unquantifiable and perplexing. Sean Penn is arguing the state of America can drive any empathic and rational individual insane.


Bob has been to Baghdad to nose around during the Iraq War and helped people victimized by Hurricane Katrina. He does not wait for invitations and chooses to follow his conscience. The book is a combination of linguistic traffic jams and plainly spoken sentences. Sean Penn wants the readers to understand the agonizing quest Bob has undertaken. There are oddities such as Bob sitting on the porch with his neighbor in surreptitious soupçon and decorative gabion walls.


During the final third of the book Bob becomes very suspicious regarding his mysterious employer. This employer is the reason he kills the elderly with a mallet. He drives to Miami to find answers. He hears about the 2016 election and is angry because the unnamed female candidate is not being embraced. Bobs considers the stand in for Donald Trump as all of the horsemen of the Apocalypse. He believes the character requires an impeachment and an intervention. He feels the nation needs an assassin. This represents the climax of the novel. The final pages reveal the true identity of Bob and what America has become.—following-his-muse-with–bob-honey-who-just-do-stuff—-extended-interview

Super Sustainable Waiakea Water Now Set to Use Nano-Degradable Plastic

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is replacing its original plastic bottles and opting for a hundred percent fully degradable and environmentally friendly one instead. Waiakea Water will be the first brand in the world to use these new tech-savvy plastic bottles. It is made up of an advanced additive that allows the plastic to completely break down in the environment in just 15 years if left alone. A regular plastic bottle would take over a thousand years. The bottled water brand hopes that other brands will follow suit and start manufacturing their products with this groundbreaking plastic as soon as possible.

Waiakea Water is an American premium bottled water company that uniquely manufactures naturally filtered volcanic water. The brand’s main water source is filtered through 13,678 feet of porous volcanic rock from Hawaii’s majestic Mauna Loa, the world’s largest volcano. Waiakea Hawaii volcanic water naturally contains potassium, magnesium, sodium and other beneficial electrolytes. The company uses one of the most natural alkaline-rich waters in the world. Using zero artificial alkaline or ionizers during its manufacturing process, the Waiakea water pH level remains high at 7.6 and above.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was founded by entrepreneur Ryan Emmons in 2012. CEO Emmons is committed towards keeping his brand sustainable as possible while reducing its impact on the environment. Waiakea Water has received numerous awards and recognition for its unique product and ethical contributions. In 2015, the company were honored with a Best in Biz award for being a socially responsible company in North America. Waiakea were honored with two special Hermes Creative Awards for its innovative packaging, overall design and social responsibility.

Waiakea Water has delivered well over a billion liters of pristine water to the water-scarce areas in rural Malawi, Africa, since its inception. This was all due to its partnership with Pump Aid, an international non-profit organization based in London, United Kingdom. Waiakea has stayed true to its mission and donates a week’s worth of clean drinking water for ever liter sold.

As the winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition and a veteran Wall Street hedge fund manager, writer and financial guru, Paul Mampilly’s financial newsletters are full of helpful information for potential investors.

Paul Mampilly was a key force in the hedge fund management world who garnered serious Wall Street credibility and respect from his peers and stakeholders. Paul Mampilly got started in finance in 1991, by working for many firms on Wall Street. Read this article at

Mampilly has received many kudos for winning the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition. Mampilly came in first place in 2009, by turning a $50 million dollar portfolio into $88 million. It was this extraordinary, 76 percent increase that helped him gain kudos from many industry leaders who were impressed with this impressive outcome.

Paul Mampilly got his start in finance by working as a portfolio manager at the company, Banker’s Trust. Paul Mampilly eventually obtained a bigger role, after spending years at Banker’s Trust. Mampilly decided to take on a new role, one which involved the management of hundreds of millions of dollars in the healthcare area for Deutsche Bank. Mampilly also had a work stint with ING Group, after he left his original position at Banker’s Trust. Paul Mampilly has had 20 plus years of financial work background. Mampilly has also appeared as a guest on many different news outlets like Bloomberg TV.

Paul Mampilly decided to join the financial asset management firm, Kinetics Asset Management in 2006. After being hired by Kinetics, Mampilly increased the value of the assets at this firm to $25 billion dollars — up from the original $6 billion sum. Over the years, Mampilly also managed Swiss bank accounts, the account for Sears, and the Royal Bank of Scotland’s account, while at Kinetics.


Paul Mamphilly made a big change in his life at 42. Mampilly decided on North Carolina as a place to relocate to so could spend a lot more time with his family. He made the decision to write full-time and leave Wall Street behind.

Today, Mampilly is the Senior Editor of the newsletter, Profits Unlimited. It is one of his three newsletters which are available from Banyan Hill Publishing. Mampilly also oversees True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes, these newsletters are published by Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing was created in 1998 and is a subsidiary of Agora, Inc.

In regards to Paul Mampilly’s educational background, Mampilly earned an MBA from Fordham University in 1996.

Mampilly also noted about Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) that the bubble will burst. He said that he sold all his stocks before the stock bubble popped in 2000. Follow Paul on Medium.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Has Announced Bradesco’s President

Every economy relies on a robust financial sector to succeed. As such, finance has been described as a fundamental aspect of the development of a country’s financial system. In banking especially, this is a crucial aspect that controls money circulation.

Speaking of banking and financial industries, Banco Bradesco is one successful financial services institution in Brazil. It operates as an independent provider of financial products as well as services. Together with running along two primary segments namely banking and insurance, then pension and capitalization, the company has strategically positioned itself in the most competitive industry in Brazil.

The Back Story

In late 2017, Banco Bradesco announced the resignation of the longest-serving chief executive officer, Mr. Brandao de Mello. At 95, he thought it wise to step down and allow a youthful individual to take over the realms of leadership. In his letter of resignation, he mentioned the value of internal recruitment and how critical it was for Bradesco to elect a new president from within the banking institution. Apart from that, he temporarily handed over his crown to Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Corporate Culture

The culture Brandao fostered into the bank has received the support of Luiz Carlos Trabuco who has often advocated for internal recruitment as well. As the bank changes its leadership age limit to 67, Trabuco who was meant to resign has been rightfully retained by the organization.


Trabucos’ Input

Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Banco Bradesco when he was a teenager. He has since worked for the institution for over four decade. His contribution to the banking institution fueled his current appointment. For starters, he introduced Bradesco to the media. Then he paved the way for the institution to partner with various companies within the same industry. Additionally, Luiz Carlos facilitated the acquisition of one HSBC, move that he perfectly crafted to ensure a smooth transition within the companies.

The New President

54-year-old Octavio de Lazari is the vice president of Bradesco then the president of Bradesco Seguros Group. Even as he comes in as the president, he shall retain his two positions. The new composition of the bank took place in March following a meeting by the board of directors. In the meeting, the team discussed their preferences of the candidate that was coming in to replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Apparently, they needed an individual whose experiences speak volumes about commitment and dedication to work; and Octavio was just the ideal individual. Over and above, he is a classic example of a man who began his career with the lowest job title and paved up his way to senior leadership. First working as an office boy for Bradesco, he cultivated the virtue of patience and put in more work to earn him several promotions.

More on Luiz Carlos

Similarly, Luiz started his career from the bottom of the ladder as clerk. However, he knew that he could achieve a lot had he invested in the virtue of persistence and dedication. Therefore, he worked hard to earn several promotions including heading the board of directors department. Currently, he retains his position as the chairman. However, he shall still work closely with Octavio in guiding Banco Bradesco.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

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